Brave Man Turns Dead Aircraft Into Awesome Flight Simulator

James Price, an air traffic controller at Oakland airport, owns a flight simulator. Not a "buy a joystick and plug it into your computer" flight simulator.

A "chop the nose of an actual giant aeroplane and turn it into a flight simulator" type of flight simulator.

Price has, stuffed in his garage, the actual nose section of a Boeing 737. Formerly belonging to a complete aircraft as part of Lufthansa's fleet, Price has updated the instrumentation, added screens and transformed it into the most badass DIY flight sim I've ever seen.

Video: Pleasanton man flies a Boeing 737 in his garage [Mercury News, via MAKE]

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    Awesome. Building a flight sim cockpit out of PVC is one thing, but using an actual 737's nose for it... that's brilliant.

    Like a boss.

    Wonder how much the cockpit cost him all up. I mean I know they part out old aircraft but the entire nose section seems a bit much to me.

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