Bullets And Booze, Bottles And Brass Litter Max Payne 3's Official TV Ad

Here's the official Max Payne 3 promotional trailer, which premiered last night in the US.

Well, the slow motion and the trails following every. Single. Round are rather in your face as to what this game is all about. That upturned empty bottle of booze also is unsubtle. But then, Max Payne never struck me as much of a subtle guy.

Max Payne 3 arrives on May 15. This ad is going to be shown internationally through that date, for sure.


    I cannot wait for this! I've bought and going to play through the first two again before it comes out. Shame it kind of clashes with Diablo 3 though lol

    Im kind of meh tbh, not really grabbing me, just looks like the last 2 which had the novelty of bullet time, but that's been done to death since so not really sure what this is gonna bring to the table

      You've obviously never played through either game, because they are so much more than 'novelty'.

        True that. I'm not playing it for bullet time lol.

      Go back to WoW, dude. The animation in this game alone might be too much for you to handle.

      Unfortunately, contrary to what many seem to believe and the average 'game journalist' would claim, bullet-time and booze does not a Max Payne game make.

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