But What Happens If You Set Fire To The Video Game Wedding Guests?

The Sims is video gaming's great virtual dollhouse, inside of which a bunch of virtual people are made to experience joy, heartache and weddings that spontaneously turn into infernos. I found out about that last incident this morning, while helping grab images for our writer Kate Cox's terrific story about the pros and cons of marriage (according to video games.)

This blaze appears to have been set about nine months ago by an avid Sims player. Its creator writes: "In my Sims' wedding day, I decided to ruin his life and set his wedding and the guests on fire through EA's debugger. Some of the wedding guests however didn't even react to the fire and just stayed in their seats, even after I set the chairs their sitting on on fire. They also just kept thinking about how great the party is.

There's more of this madness at Sims Gone Wrong, a Tumblr I'm going to have to keep an eye on.

Sims Gone Wrong


    Bet there would be some flaming if luke wrote this haha.
    Anyways pretty cool

      No because Plunkett would write an 30 word article about how his sim has sex with no condom and completely miss the fact the guest are even on fire.

    Google it.

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