Call Of Duty Elite Still Has To Prove Itself, Says Activision

Call Of Duty Elite Still Has To Prove Itself, Says Activision

Not being the biggest fan of Call of Duty, I find it a little hard to judge the success of Call of Duty Elite — the subscription service Activision launched last year alongside Modern Warfare 3. The launch was troubled, however, but according to Activision product director Noah Heller, the service is starting to make up some ground.

“We still have to prove ourselves,” he claimed, speaking to MCV.

“There’s a lot of people we pissed off all the way back to November, and we have to show them we are not going to let that happen again. But we have started fulfilling our promises and people are starting to get it is real value for money.”

In the beginning it always seemed to me as though Call of Duty Elite was a hard sell — but it wasn’t necessarily a product for someone like myself — who casually spends a couple of hours with each iteration and moves on. It’s for the fans who play year in year out.

Is anyone out there a subscriber to Call of Duty Elite? How has your experience been with the service?

‘Call of Duty Elite still has to prove itself’ [MCV]


  • Lol whos stupid enough to Pay for a 100 doller game, buy xbox live sub, pay internet bill and then pay for this? Oh wait.. Everyone.

  • Mark i am a MASSIVE call of duty addict. When i got the game for free, i promptly forked out for the Elite service. Having been part of the Beta test i was keen to see how it all went as a full release.

    To say i am disappointed doesn’t really paint the picture. One of the main features Activision pushed was clans and groups, and how these would be a feature packed section of elite.

    So far, the clan system has been problematic at best. Clan operations, which are basically events that run for a certain game type and take the top 6 scorers from each clan and puts them in a ladder, are the only way for clans to “level up” and unlock additional features.

    The problem with this, they almost never cater for all the players on the service. Meaning that unless you play the most common game modes, you wont be catered for. Also if you play hardcore you rarely get any events at all.

    Ultimately, this system is designed for the kids who play standard play lists only. There is little in it for the more advance player other than a slightly improved theatre system when compared to black ops.

    • Also id like to point out that it took them nearly 6 months just to get the number of hours you have played to display correctly. Let alone the other information. I had started a clan and disbanded recently because frankly. i was sick of logging onto elite for …well. not much.

      Lone Wolf operations are as the name suggests, competitions that you enter into on your own. They will be either “highest total kills in team death match” or “most captures in domination” but these are only any good if a) you are awake during the competition time (they are not very Australian friendly) and b) Are happy to play non stop for the competition time to get up on the ladder. And for all of this, most events only give you a “digital badge” to show how you performed. and the rare ones that have real life prizes. Well the prizes go to the person who is not only good, but spends the most time playing therefore getting the top score.

      Look, the idea of the system is good. The way the system has been set up though really is disappointing. Unless you are a total stat whore, and you give a crap what your KD is, what other peoples KDs are , what your best weapon is an all that. It really is only useful if you what 40 odd video slots. In which case, id suggest you just got a video capture device, and set up a youtube account like all the quick scpoers out there.

    • Think bungee pro, think Gears of War season pass. Its those things rolled in together. Activision are not the first ones to do it.

  • Call of Duty ELITE is FLAWED in every way possible, We pay over $60 for a service which they didn’t provide for over a month CLAN OPS are being used as boosting tools, Don’t include any gamemodes besides TDM, DOM or KC wheres the variety?! They dont make Clan Ops for different regions either, Its all well and good if you live in the USA but i personally have a life outside of CoD (Thats not to say I don’t play it Maxed every prestige on every CoD since CoD4) But no one in my clan is getting up before 6AM to compete. “THEATER” MODE isn’t anything compared to the black ops version i.e. You used to be able to party up with mates and show them the crazy stuff you did, It’s in there now in private match it just doesn’t work :/ They removed locale only searching options. Basically they bring out a new CoD find flaws, fix them and then they decide whenever they bring a new CoD out “hey guys lets take it all out and start from square one ” WTF It seems like these days the only cater for the n00bs. OKAY CRAZY ARSE RANT FOR THE DAY COMPLETE

  • i used the beta last year a few times. but, i never really cared for it too much. i don’t play mw3 very often, but i did play the other cod’s heaps. even if the next iteration is fantastic in every way, i still won’t pay for it. the only reason to pay for it is the maps imo. but, considering i have 4 ps3’s and a 360 all with multiple profiles i cant justify it.
    i suppose for the majority, that wouldn’t be a big issue. at the same time, i just don’t want to give them any more money.

    • You hti the nail on the head there. Most people bought it as its a little bit cheaper than the DLC. If you are like me, you play hundreds of hours, its a fair conclusion you’ll buy all the DLC.

  • Two people subscribe to this:
    -and kids who get their parents to pay for it

    Of course the kids also fall into the first category so really only CoDTards pay for this useless, pointless, overpriced piece of shit

    • And then there are the people who only comment on articles about cod because they hate cod. get a life.

      • A little pissed off because you know I’m right? Also, I have a life. How do you think that I would be posting here if I didn’t?

        Also, I never said that I hated cod. I said that I hated cod elite. Stop projecting buddy.

        • And the contempt in the word “CODTARDS” Isnt something showing disdane for the game and a hate for those who play it more than the average person. He wants to pigeon hole, i’ll pigeon hole right back.

          Thanks for reminding me why i dont usually comment on articles.

          • I thought your first two articles were very well written and very informative. Thanks for going to the effort of sharing your experiences with the rest of us.

  • They sure have pissed of a lot of people, mainly the PC community. We are still yet to have elite. And i still think they honestly dont give a F*** about us pc gamers. They will never make elite for PC imo

  • I agree with Blood Apathy’s comments regarding the Elite service..
    What gets me is that they said
    ‘we have started fulfilling our promises and people are starting to get it is real value for money’

    This is 6 months down the road!!! I would hope they get value for money… What have they got for the last 6 months…
    Yep there is the DLC and really that is what you are paying for… Unfortunately the rest of the service still hasn’t lived up to expectations with regards to what was promised…
    Really the system is still flawed…
    It will be interesting to see what happens come Novemberish when Elite subscriptions come up for renewal… Then we will see just how successful it actually is!!

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