Can I Justify Buying This Awesome Snake Figurine?

Hmmm... considering my long suffering wife does her level best to hide absolutely every nerdy thing I purchase, probably not. But still, this Naked Snake figurine is pretty awesome. I've heard people complaining that The Boss figurine looks a bit weird, but I actually like it as well...

The major complaint is that The Boss looks too masculine, but I've always thought that she should look a little more masculine, considering her role in the game, so I'm fine with it. It's hardly a perfect likeness, but I like the interpretation.

And Naked Snake looks pretty cool as well.

No price or release date has been announced yet, but you can check out more pics on the Hot Toys Facebook page.

Thanks Game Informer!


    Yeah they look good... But they've already been posted once today on Kotaku.

    Not the first time this has happened either. get a clue Kotaku.

      I'm not sure if you guys are joking or not?!?

      You do realise there is both US and AU versions of Kotaku. That first post was from the US site, this 2nd post is from the AU site and is really just Mark's opinion on the figurine...

      Lighten up peeps! If you don't want to read 2 similar posts, then just don't read them...all you have done is attributed to the page clicks for this so called 're-post' and therefore have justified its existence....

        Most people run adblockers, doesn't that negate the page click?

    Rocco from Mega64 just did a review on one of Square's Play Arts Snake and Gray Fox figures and said they were really good, maybe pick those up?

    It's about $250 USD shipped to AU ($28 shipping for my last order or a similarly priced figure)

    I'd be wary of what material they are using for the suit though. If it's rubber it will eventually break down.

      Same pricing for The Boss:

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