Can You Defeat 99 Computer Controlled Bombermen? Only If Your iPhone Doesn't Crash.

Ever wonder what it'd be like to play a massive 100-person game of Bomberman? Well Konami read your mind and released 100-Person Battle Bomberman late last month for smartphones in Japan.

While it seems like an amazing idea to have 100-man Bomberman battles, this game has one major downside: 99 of those people are computer controlled. So you'll need to get your massive multiplayer online Bomberman action somewhere else.

The app also contains normal Bomberman matches in addition to hundred man ones and claims a total of over 200 stages. Also, as you play, you level up and can increase your starting stats such as speed, amount of bombs and length of fire.

I personally found the 100-person battles (and even the normal ones) a bit hard to control on my tiny little iPhone screen. Worse yet, my poor iPhone 3GS kept crashing midway through the first 100-man battle.

So while it may not be exactly what you hoped for from the title, there's really no reason not to try it for yourself as 100-Person Battle Bomberman can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google Play.


    Of course it's not 100 person multiplayer, what's the first person to die supposed to do for ten minutes until everyone else does?
    Bomberman works best when gameplay is fast and rounds drop quickly. I'd be happy to play 100 person Bomberman against the CPU but would hate to play against 99 other people.

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