Cancelled Titles The Getaway 3, Heavenly Sword 2 Revealed In Showreel

If you had read our feature Lost Ones: What Happens When Video Games Die, you'd know that developers aren't supposed to show footage of cancelled games on their CV or showreel, but some do it anyway. The above showreel is particularly interesting, because it reveals previously unseen footage of cancelled titles such as The Getaway 3 and Heavenly Sword 2.

While I don't really question the decision to shelve these titles, I did enjoy both The Getaway and Heavenly Sword and would most likely have enjoyed sequels/threequels to these games. It's interesting to see the direction both games were headed towards before being dropped.

The Getaway 3 and other cancelled PS3 exclusives shown in animation reel [Eurogamer]


    Already knew Heavly Sword 2 was cancelled, not alot of love for that game but i still liked it (first game i got my Ps3 when i got it), infact now that i think about it my PS3 is still the original release day PS3, not a single problem with it.

    I never thought I'd be asking for a Heavenly Sword sequel but if that would have stopped Ninja Theory from getting to do DmC......

      And Enslaved... That ending still pisses me off.... SIF NOT HIRE ANOTHER ACTOR! THE GAME ONLY HAS THREE, REUSING ONE OF THEM IS CONFUSING!

    I didn't see any footage of Heavenly Sword 2?

      You are not alone... unless the sword fighter towards the end was supposed to be from HS 2

    enslaved was a masterpiece loved the ending looking forward to what there gonna do with dmc cant be any worse then dmc 4

    Hmm... The Lifestyle Project actually looks very interesting. Looks like another studio trying to get a slice of The Sims pie.

    Anyone know anything about? Can't seem to find anything relevant online...

    Heavenly sword has its issues but there was potential there that Ninja Theory could salvage. The after touch feature was pretty cool(when you used the analog stick instead of the sixaxis) and the whiptail boss battle really impressed me at the time. The game still looks OK today.

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