Catch The First Proper Trailer For Pokemon Black & White 2

Here, take a look at the debut gameplay trailer for upcoming Pokemon sequels Black & White 2 on the DS, showing some of the new trainers in action.

Both games will be out in Japan on June 23, and in the US and Europe sometime in the spring.

[thanks Sam!]


    Unrelated, but I read 'Black and White' in the header before reading the rest and got excited :P
    In time!

    So what are the Legendaries? Mutated or evolved reshiram and zekroms? and there's going to be pokemon from all the games? if so thats going to be swell

      The legendaries are two new Kyurem forms; Black Kyurem (Zekrom/Kyurem) and White Kyurem (Reshiram/Kyurem).

      So yes, I agree with you. It will be "swell" :D

      Also, this will be the first time I ever get the extra game from the Generation (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum). In my opinion, it's the first time the "third" game won't be a waste of money :P

    You know what I want?
    Pokemon Trading Card Game Video Game 2.
    On the 3ds.
    With that exact stupidly long title.
    I would pay $100 for that.
    That gameboy colour game was the Beedrill's knee's man.
    The Beedrill's knees...

    Blue, Gold, Pearl, Emerald, Black. Finished them all. And in every single one of them for NO REASON WHATSOEVER i have decided to make Haunter a massive part of my team (or the sarcophagus one in black). Every single time Haunter has sucked and it has led to a tough fight in the Elite 4 when if i trained someone better it would have been a cake walk.

    Cool story bro.

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