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Welcome to Cheapskate Gamer, the centre for all your cheapskate gamery needs. Below, we have a roundup of some of the best video game deals out there this week that aren’t spams and scams coming through the portal. Also, make sure to check out our facebook page for daily updates of the best deals out there. And feel free to share on there any deals you find too!

New Releases

Prototype 2 Xbox 360 Online - ~$53.72 Xbox 360 In Store - $79.00 PS3 Online - ~$53.72 PS3 In Store - $79.00

PC Retail

Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition - $8.99 Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - ~$7.74 Might and Magic: Heroes VI - ~$23.37 Ridge Racer Unbounded Limited Edition - $26.49 Star Wars The Old Republic 60 Day Time Card - ~$23.37

Xbox 360

Binary Domain - ~$26.32 Bulletstorm - ~$12.42 Dark Souls - $31.99 F.E.A.R. 3 - ~$20.24 Prototype - $19.99

Playstation 3

Dark Souls - $32.99 Little Big Planet 2 - ~$23.37 Prototype - $19.99 Ratchet and Clank All 4 One - $33.99 Uncharted & Uncharted 2 Twin Pack - ~$38.99

PS Vita

Asphalt Injection - $29.00 Dungeon Hunter: Alliance - ~$21.18 Little Deviants - $29.00 Lumines: Electronic Symphony - ~$31.18 Rayman Origins - ~$31.18

Nintendo Wii

Disney Universe - $32.49 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - ~$10.86 Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - ~$38.99 Madworld - ~$10.86 Rayman Origins - ~$23.37

Nintendo DS/3DS

Aliens: Infestation - ~$23.37 Carnival Wild West (3DS) - $23.00 Farming Simulator 3D (3DS) - $39.99 Mario Kart 7 (3DS) - $44.00 The Sims 3 (3DS) - ~$12.42


    Lol at bullet storm $12 bucks. Seriously if you dont have it, its at least worth that for how ridiculous it is.

      I think I paid about $50 for my version through steam and felt it well worth the money.

      Seriously under-rated game.

        I got it for $3.50 at Dick smith's

      Agreed. That game is a blast.

        $12 is cheaper than a movie and gets you about 6 hours of amusement. wasnt that bad of a campaign

      Although I liked the combat from the demo, with all the terrible dick jokes I'd have to be getting paid to play it. It was just incredibly obnoxious and unfunny that the game was irretrievably lost to me.

      THIS! Bulletstorm was fantastic, and for $12 it's an absolute steal.

    Finally! Farming Simulator 3D has come down in price. Time for a trip to the store.

      i've put my pants on in anticipation of the shop run.

    Everybody buy Binary Domain, Bulletstorm and Fear 3. I need some co-op partners...

    Hmmm, still hoping to see a price drop for the Last Story ($46 on Ozgameshop). Has anyone played it? I'm somewhat weary of it.

      It's OKAY but not great. Something about it just feels 'off' and I just find myself having no motivation to keep on playing it. I'm about half way through the game but I haven't played it in weeks and I find myself playing for only an hour or so every couple of days.

      Xenoblade was definitely better.

        I would like to second this. It really didn't impress me. Its not particularly bad, it just isn't particularly good :p

    Was all excited by that Prototype 2 online price then realised I'm Just gonna wait a few months til it hits 39/49 bucks anyhow, won't take long. Part 1's price dropped like a hot stone through butter...

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