Chris Nolan's Batman Is Not Ideal For Children's Birthday Parties

If you're a parent and want to get a superhero to turn up at your kid's birthday party, Batman is always a popular choice. Just make sure you get the animated Batman. Or at least the Adam West Batman. Chris Nolan's take on the Dark Knight is a little less suitable.

The Dark Knight Birthday [TheChuckleSquad, via Fashionably Geek]


    Not entirely sure that the difference between timezones equates to 6 days total...

      not entirey sure why Plunkett posts at all.. but that's just me.

    Wow, Plunkett is even stealing posts from Kotaku now.

    For fucks sake Plunkett, you are a shit gaming journalist and a fucking moron to boot.

    The more traffic he gains from your flaming, the longer he stays.


      He gets nothing from the Australian pageviews. Only on the US articles.
      Speaking of which I'm dying to see what the comments are over there. Actually not really but I'm interested anyway.

      The video is hilarious, sure, but it was funnier the first time.

    kotaku forgot plunket, learnt serebii joe a good journalist

    Ok, now I'm convinced, Plunkett is an elaborate troll. There's no way he's serious.

    Lol, the other post even came up as a Related Story.

    Luke Plunkett is the gaming journalist that Kotaku deserves, but not the one anyone else needs ever.

    Welcome to last week.

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