Hitchcock Movies As Retro Nintendo Games

Los Angeles-based artist Joe Spiotto believes that, given the right alignment of stars, Nintendo would have pushed out a few games for its 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System based on the thrilling classics of film maker Alfred Hitchcock. That chance alignment, obviously, never came to pass, so Spiotto felt compelled to create his own interpretations of potential box art.

Spiotto explains on his blog that the pieces, which show mock-up covers for North by Northwest, Birds and Psycho as NES games, were created for LA's Gallery 1988 as part of its "Suspense & Gallows Humour: A Tribute to the All-Time Greatest" exhibit.

The one for Psycho oozes creepy, while Birds looks like a frenetic version of Duck Hunt, with a terrified woman replacing the dog. North by Northwest gives off a heavy "adventure game" vibe, which I must say is fine by me.

All the covers (only three) can be found below; click on each one for a bigger, uncropped version.

[Joebot, via Geekologie]

Images: Joe Spiotto.


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