Classic PlayStation Title Appears In Vita Store, But Isn’t Playable Yet

Classic PlayStation Title Appears In Vita Store, But Isn’t Playable Yet

A classic PlayStation title appeared in the PS Vita store overnight, kindling hopes that players would now be able to enjoy their classic games on the go. Alas, the game is not actually playable, but its appearance does indicate that perhaps the anticipated feature is nearly ready for prime time.

NeoGAF users spotted the game, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, in the European Vita store and were able to purchase and download it, but the game generated an error code on launch and could not be run.

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida recently tweeted that engineers were “working hard” on adding support for PS One games to the Vita, and begged for patience from fans.

So far it seems that the only known arrival time for the feature is “soon,” constant bane of gamers everywhere.

A PS1 game has appeared in the Vita European Store. [NeoGAF via Eurogamer]

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    • I love this line of thinking.

      “I shall buy this new console!”
      “So I can play old games on it, silly!”

      I’m not having a go. I’m more than guilty of it on several occasions (I only have a 3DS for the Ambassador Program!). It’s just a funny way of looking at things. =P

  • The moment the update to play PS1 classics on a Vita comes out, I will officially buy a Vita!! It’s the one feature I’ve been holding out for!
    Like with my PSP, being able to play FF VII, FF VIII, Driver, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3, Vagrant Story, silent hill and resident evil, and the mother of all PS1 greats “Metal Gear Solid” all on the go on a Vita would make me such a happy camper!!

    Also, I traded my PSP when the Vita was first announced, so ps1 support is kinda a deal maker for me! 🙂

  • I recently sold my psp 3000 and bought a psp-go because I want to play my ps1 games (also all my umd ISO rips without having to buy them again.) With any cfw from the original 1.50 Dark Alex release onwards you can play your psx games even if they arent on the store which is definately a plus. There is a nice easy tool available that lets you convert your ripped ps1 isos to eboots (works with multi disc too) which launch on psp.

    I’ll grab a vita once it get psx support and more psp games that I dont have. Or persona 4…or any other pretty much anything new from Atlus or Nippon ichi/NIS. I’ll probably keep the psp go however just for the umds I dont wish to purchase again and psx games that arent released (They’re old enough and cheap enoguh I dont mind rebuying my psx library to use on vita and ps3).

  • The weird thing is, although the games aren’t playable on the Vita itself they are playable via a PS3 using remote play.

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