Commander Shepard Hasn’t Recorded Any New Mass Effect 3 Dialogue. Yet.

Commander Shepard Hasn’t Recorded Any New Mass Effect 3 Dialogue. Yet.

So Bioware is giving us a “modified” ending to Mass Effect 3. While details are scant, the safe money is on not a changed ending, but an epilogue of sorts. Something more.

If you were hoping that would mean something more from a certain Commander Shepard, well, it doesn’t sound like it will. Speaking with Edge, Jennifer Hale, the voice of Shepard, said that she hasn’t recorded anything. She hasn’t even been contacted by BioWare or told she’ll be needed for whatever new content we end up with.

Not that she won’t ever be contacted in the future, but given the timeframes needed to put DLC together, it doesn’t seem likely Commander Shepard will have much of a role to play in whatever new content is added to the game’s “ending”.

Jennifer Hale on Mass Effect 3’s ending [Edge]


  • That’s because this was planned from the beginning.

    Listen to the God-Child at the end again. The left channel is male shephard, the right is female. The indoctrination theory is 100% true. Which is really clever, but it should have shipped with the game after achieving a global multiplayer threshold or getting max war effort on NG+.

    • Sorry, but the idea that they deliberately pissed off a segment of their fans, caused worldwide media attention and probably tanked long-term sales in order to sell DLC down the line is laughable. Indulging in elaborate conspiracy theories isn’t helpful.

      • I dunno, some of those facts are interesting…
        And let’s face it, this wouldn’t be the first time a game intentionally offered the true ending via DLC.
        Both Prince of Persia and Asura’s Wrath have done it too.

    • I respect the opinion of those that have put a mammoth amount of work into fleshing out the indoctrination theory.

      To me however, it feels like grasping at straws to try and make sense of / reconcile what many thought was a horrible ending. I personally hated the ending, if it was supposed to be artistic then it didn’t resonate with me or appeal in any way and spoiled the whole *experience* for me – which is an entirely different thing than putting together a technically and visually impressive game.

      If it was planned from the very beginning then I feel it was poorly planned and/or poorly executed.

      • To be honest I want these theories to be true, not because I hated the ending or anything (I actually didn’t mind it), but because I love the idea that there is more to the story that we haven’t been told, but the clues are there for us to find.
        I guess I am hoping that Bioware planned to expand upon the ending all along and when that when people looked back at ME3 after learning the truth that they would see the clues that pointed to that outcome were there all along.

        Perhaps Bioware has intended this all along but were too full of hubris to foresee such a harsh reaction to the ending.

        • I’m okay with the indoctrination theory being true, but I don’t want the game to explicitly tell us so. Let it be implied.

        • I think that was their plan. And it’s really really clever, but they should have thought of a better stock dummy ending. Just get rid of that normandy crash and people would be fine with it actually.

          • People are allowed to think different things. “People” have been posting lots of things and indoctrination is only one of them.

            I’m a person too and the indoctrination theory doesn’t fly with me at all and I don’t think it’s clever either. but I’m not going to presume to speak for all people.

            I guess it’ll be hard to make everyone happy but I wanted to do what I’ve been trying to accomplish over 3 games – y’know, save the universe and all.

            I agree with JezzK above – if it was planned they didn’t really think their way through how people would react to it. But hey, let’s see what they come up with…

    • No matter what route you take having both male and female voices make up the ‘Citadels’ voice doesn’t make sense. Female Shepard doesn’t exist in Male Shepards world. Since the only explaination that fits it is that there’s a multi-verse and everything connects/crosses over at this one point in history (which nothing has even hinted at) it seems like the voice thing is just a cool effect they thought up to mask the voice of the Citadel/Child/Whatever.
      On top of that the voice makes just as much sense taking the ending at face value as it does with Indoctrination Theory. In almost all explanations the ‘Child’ form is created from Shepards mind so you can’t really tie it down as proof of any one specific theory.

      I really like Indoctrination Theory but so much of the evidence is based on bad intel and poor assumptions. It makes way more sense but not everything that happened is proof.

  • This strikes me as odd because it also implies they’ve already recorded the audio for future DLC installments too. :/

    • Maybe they can repeat dialogue, or mix and match them. So that Shepard sounds like Chef from South Park in his last episode 😛

    • !Spoilers!

      There are a bunch of missions/plot elements mentioned in the leaked beta files from November of last year that never made it into the final game, it’s possible they were cut due to time constraints and will be expanded into bigger DLC packs. Since they recorded blocks of Shepard’s dialogue at once, they could’ve recorded some or all of the missions before they actually had a chance to do things like build the levels or do cutscenes.

      One of them involved actually taking back Omega; for example, and they *did* just release the comic series focusing on Cerberus’ invasion of the station and the major boss character involved.

      • You mean the take back Omega that was cut? Honestly I don’t care, it’s not going to change the crap ending so Aria can stick it and sit in that crap bar for ever. She’ll be dead soon anyway or cut off from the rest of universe and won’t need Omega.

    • Well wouldn’t you? If it takes an actor three weeks to do the core game dialogue and they’ve only got a weeks worth of additional DLC dialogue coming up, and you’ve got the script sitting there ready to go, you’d dig into the DLC funds early and pay the extra to get them in for four weeks just to avoid scheduling conflicts in the future.

  • Was this all really planned from the beginning? Or are they just trying to save face after the incredibly overblown reactions?

  • Well pack it up then boys game over, let me be honest for a minute I hope to god that they take the indoc theory and run with it. You know why? Because right now we have nothing, just a crap “artistic” ending that makes little to no sense if you actually read any of the lore behind the game. I played that game thinking that every minute was worth it, then I come to the final 10-15 minutes and I was thrown down and curb stopped by EA/Bioware. I was given one of the most bizzarre endings I can think of. OOOOO we can use space magic and form all DNA together to make super people… how does this work? Who knows first time we’ve ever heard of it in the history of the series, that’s why it’s space magic.
    How about you do what you thought about doing the entire series and kill the reapers? Well that might work, but anything that has to do with synthetics is toast… I wonder how that will work with everybody else that has implants like me? Well we dont’ know that either better try it to find out…. oh wait we won’t show you what happens after your choice, just you chose your option good job.
    I’ve already done what a responsible consumer would do I’ll let my money do the talking, no more games from bioware, no more subsciption to SWTOR until they finish this series the way it deserves to be finished. Mass Effect fans deserve to be answered, not called entitled babies and sent on their way. First off, do you feel that you own something when you spend five years nourturing it and watching it grow? When you pay for it in installments over the course of that time? Let me ask you a question how would you feel if you bought a dog from me for roughly $200 dollars, paid in increments over the course of five years, it grew up with you and I walked in one day and shot it. Said it was my “artistic right” to do so because you didn’t actually buy anything you were renting it from me. This game feels that way to me, I can’t get over the ending if you want to call it that. I feel cheated, I feel that I was given something to build the greatest story of all time and someone came in and shot it.

  • Considering Shepard dies in 90% of the endings, I would expect the epilogue would more likely track the impact of Shepard’s decision/s (cross fingers for baby krogan) so odds are Jennifer won’t be asked for more dialogue. Try finding out if Seth Green or some of the other actors and actresses have been contacted.
    They may even be only considering a cinematic cut scene to follow all the possible endings with instrumental backing rather than speech.

  • Well, that’s a bad sign no matter how you look at it. We’re still stuck with a rubish ending with an epilogue that’s probably going to seem very tacked on. I was under the impression that players wanted an ending where their choices mattered, not some bit stuck onto the end telling you what happened afterwards.

  • What needs to be recorded? It’s all done already and waiting to be sent out as DLC ;-P

  • Oh Bioware…

    From renting Star Wars and kicking arse with KotOR, to your own amazing world with Mass Effect, to fucking it up and renting Star Wars again.

    Did you want out of the popularity? Too much pressure being amazing? Had to return to “they’re okay.”?


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