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This week I've been all alone. So dreadfully alone. My heart sings a song of sorrow. My ginger bear grows long and slovenly. I've eaten so, so many carbs. So many.

The tech pod this week has been dead. Elly is in Canada, Tracey is gone, Danny's on holiday, Angus Kidman from Lifehacker is doing something crazy — I don't know what. Gizmodo's Alex Kidman has been in and out of the office, but he kept ignoring me when I tried to babble incoherently into his lughole.


But never mind, I've found a replacement for Tracey!

Yeah, this isn't weird at all!

You know what — you guys are still here! You'll be my friends, right guys? FRIENDS FOREVER .

[initiates creepy group hug no-one wants to be part of]

Alrighty — to the Kudos Machine...

Today's Kudos will be a big one, since we've got two weeks of powerful, true life stories of community kindness to blast though.

First, let's do last week's noms...

Steve-O took time out from his Harli trolling schedule to nominate Shane — good call, I like that Shane guy, he sent me a copy of his comic book. The nom was for sharing his good fortune with the rest of the Kotaku Community. I don't know what this means, but if it involved chocolate I want to know WHY I WASN'T INVOLVED?

Steve-O also nominated Cakesmith for setting up a bunch of servers for Terraria and Team Fortress.

Actually Cakesmith also received noms from AlexPants and Bish for the very same reason. Actually AlexPants was all like "I know Cakesmith won already but whatever man, just shut up."*

*Not a direct quote, I sort of just made that part up.

Speaking of Cakesmith he sent me some noms of his own.

Mark! My Pepsi Max drinking brethren! I bestow upon you kudos noms!

First one carries on from last week due to Bubble-T not doing kudos and then dropping the "I'm out!" mic.

Shane - for being Shane. He couldn't be more inspirational if he tried. Reading his post last week in TAY about his journey to Adelaide comic-con brought a tear of joy to my eye. Manly tears of course. Plus he gave out a bunch of his old games for free. Champion.

*sips Pepsi Max*

FatShady and all his co-conspirators get a combined nom for the Trials HD video riddle. Well done chaps!

Someone with the handle Tracey Lien popped up in TAY over the past couple of days as well so let's a throw a nom there for what they've brought to the community.

That's it. I'm out of noms. And Pepsi Max. I must fix this.


I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm off the Pepsi Max. Don't worry Pepsi Max bro, I'll crack soon!

Shane was actually on the receiving end of quite a few noms — more on that later — but he dropped some nominations of his own, Tigerion for helping him out when his blog went all wonky (I know that feeling bro...)

I also got a second email from Shane nominating FatShady, Anonymous Pessimist and Sughly for their work on the Trials Riddle video. He rounded off said email with a big "I NOMINATE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD FOR HELPING ME WITH MY WRITING". He made a point of singling out Blaghman, for his willingness to help out.

GingerChris had a weird nom — for Strange who is apparently helping him out with his lifelong dream of getting a kilt. What is this? Are you getting married? Why do you want a kilt? I had to wear one when I got married and I hated it!

Please don't tell my wife I put that pic up there. She will kill me.

We've had a great number of those 'LET US NOM EVERYONE' emails.

Virus_ nominated Welbot, Freeze, Strange, Lambo, Sughly, Trjn, and TheL4stQuestion. Greenius simply nominated EVERYONE. Sample quote: "bloody hell the Kotaku Community is amazing. So much kindness around this place and words really cannot describe how I feel about this place." He also reminded me to write a little summary of what Community Kudos is (thanks).

Strange nommed Zap, for being a reasonable, thought out person when posting (totally agree) and said that he always managed to disagree with people without making it personal. I think that's an awesome skill to have.

There were a few nominations for the Trials video — for FatShady in particular obviously, but also AP and Sughly for their music and art contributions. FatShady always wins stuff though — remember this video?

Noms came from Smurfydog, AlexPants, in addition to Shane's nom above. Epic job by you guys. FatShady in particular put a helluva lot of work into this — I've seen this thing evolve personally, and it's genuinely been incredible. It's also worth mentioning that FatShady isn't Fat anymore. I saw him this afternoon and he's lost a massive amount of weight. Man, please don't tell me we're going to have to call Slim Shady. I don't think I could take it...

My bestest UFC buddy in the world Ruffleberg sent a nom in as well, which made me chuckle.

I nominate Shane Smith for Über Kudos for giving me a copy of the God Of War collection on PS3 (AKA the only good GOW games on PS3), not regular kudos, no. Über Kudos. These are the kudos that regular kudos aspire to be. Regular kudos walk 5 kilometres uphill per day through snow and lava to get to the gym to practice 38 hours a day in hopes of one day becoming these kudos.

Novacascade nominated McGarnical for giving the glorious gift of Trine 1 and 2, Scree nominated everyone (Shane, Rize and Rocketman for gifting games and Tracey (sob)). Sughly nominated syvRaen for gifting him an adventure game he really wanted. The Cracks shot me a nom across Twitter (always a risky move since those are the ones I always forget). The nom was for Tracey for all the great work she did while she was here (sob).

AlexPants nominated some folks (mentioned above) but I want to make sure I don't forget all of the MILLIONS of people he nommed: Cakesmith, FatShady, Greenius, Batgirl, Pez (but not La Pez, who is a jerk), Blaghman, and Freeze.


And finally, the last nom, from Bish. Firstly to Greenius because "apart from being super creepy and being in my Terraria house cave ALL THE TIME STARING AT MY CHEST(S), he's been a real helper, assisting others, making a hole to hell and an underground tunnel."

He also nommed NoobHeadShot! And I quote...

I don't even remember when we started playing games with him, but he's a cool guy to play with. He is the best at all games, and it's nice that he relaxes with us mortal chumps and our average game playing skills.

Also he said that when he passes in a fiery plane crash today, I can have some of his stuff. BEST GUY.

Man, that's all the noms.

And the winner is — Shane! Congrats mate, and thanks to everyone for the nominations! Phew, that took ages, I think I deserve a celebratory Pepsi Max...

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Great - something else to give away! Thanks for the noms everyone :)

      This sounded kind of flippant.

      I really appreciate it, you guys. That nom from Cakesmith brought a tear to my eye. It's a little weird, the idea that I could be inspirational, but it's a great feeling.

      Kotaku AU is where my writing career began to really happen. You guys made up about 80% of my first six months of sales. You are unbelievably generous with your time, support, and money - often recklessly so.

      Whatever else happens with my writing career, it started here.

      <3 you all.

    That's LE Péz, Jerk.

      Hey, don't look at me. I wrote it out as Le Pez in the email!

      Admittedly I forgot the fancy é, but shutup.

        YOUR NAME.

        ON THE LIST.



        alex... punts...



    You are THE man. Better than just ANY man.

    I hereby dub you StM.

      I nommed you twice, but you only got one mention. Just so you know, you got a nom for the offer to music up my trailer.

    Yay for all the noms!
    Grats to Shane! - since when do we have obligatory Shane tags?

    Mark, if you ever get lonely, you can email me and we'll talk about Naruto. Just put the pillow girlfriend away. :P

    Congrats Shane!

    i worked so hard today I totally missed noms :( And it was my day off! Doh!
    So glad it's all over though! Server shat itself during easter holidays.. between me and the guy who contracts for me when I'm at work, we put 12+ hrs in to getting their system up and running again. Big relief that they only lost a few days work. Now all that's left to do is cross my fingers and hope the backup routine kicks in as per usual, and we're golden! eeeeeeee!!!

    Grats Shane!

    And good work everyone, warm fuzzy feelings for all.

    Yay! Best UFC friends forever!!! Speaking of, are you watching 145? I'll ask on twitter.

      I like Uber Kudos... but it's way too manly to be wasted on me! :P

    Silly Mark, you forgot my nom for Shane I sent you this afternoon =P

    It was for the awesome kindness of you giving us dem vidya game Shane, cheers =D

    Grats to everyone who was nom & grats to Shane for winning!

      Thanks mate.

      More games to come. Stay tuned.

        Which station do I need to tune into & is it analogue, digital or both? =P

    That pillow-thing is terrifying.


    Congrats Shane!


    Mark, if you get chubs we can't be friends any more.

      The Scottish have built up an immunity to fatty foods over the years. They basically inhale deep fried items these days.

      Yes, love pillows are scary ._.

        What about a half-chub?

    Congratulations Shane! \o/
    I'm glad you got it X3

    I, for one, cannot wait until this ginger bear reaches maturity.

    Congrats to Shane!

    Also, Kilts are a genius idea. Why would you hate them Mark? You just hate fun! And comfort!

    Congrats Shane!

    Also thanks for my mentions guys. Great project. Sorry wrote longer post but phone ate it now I'm at my stop!

    Congrats, Shane!

    Oh, and Mark - "comic book" is not the preferred nomenclature. "Graphic novel", please.

      My wife: "Big people picture books."

      Comic book not so bad in comparison :)

    "My ginger bear grows long and slovenly."



      He adopted poor George to compensate for the loss of his co-workers.

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