Community Review: Trials Evolution

Oh yes. It's time. It's time to discuss what may end up being my favourite game of the year — Trials Evolution.

I could probably spend hours waxing lyrical about Trials, discussing the perfect weighting, the mechanics, the rewarding feel of the controls, the endlessly inventive track design — but I worry that the words with come out like mush, and have little to no real meaning.

I will say, however, that the value packed into Trials Evolution is completely incredible. The leaderboard integration has had a handful of lag issues since the game was released— which I expect to be ironed out quickly — but asides from that it just feels perfect.

Red Lynx has done what every good sequel should attempt to do — maintain what made the original great, whilst expanding in new directions. The track editor is the expansion part. I'll admit that I haven't delved too deeply into this section of the game, but what I've seen so far is overwhelmingly positive. Multiplayer is also slickly integrated into the mix, and has the potential to create that Mashed/Micro Machines quick fix style that has been missing in my life for the past few years!

Perhaps most importantly, the core of Trials — the balance, the feel, the perfectly pitched controls — remains untouched. I love this game. I just love it.

Okay, I'm getting a bit gushy. So I'll stop!

What did you guys think of Trials Evolution? Let us know in the comments below.


    Absolutely fantastic, made infinitely better with mates sitting on your couch playing multiplayer.

    I am tired because I stayed up till 2am trying to beat FatShady's score on a hard track and failed by something like 0.017 of a second.

    I give FatShady 5 stars out of 5. The give the game I-hate-you-so-much-why-are-you-doing-this-to-me out of 5.

    Man, screw them Extreme tracks. I can bronze some of them, but the majority? Feck them.

    Arcade game of the year.

    Possibly game of the year.

    Most anticipated game of the year for me. And it hasn't disappointed.
    I would argue that the controls have improved from HD. Somehow they have managed to maintain 'feel' while on those precarious uphill slopes that require a bunny hop.
    Such a frustrating and rewarding games LOVE IT.

    I spend an hour tailoring my first track yesterday, the editor camera is the biggest challenge but once you figure this out it is very friendly. I am most certainly the weakest link when it comes to the editor. I can quite get that section feel the standard tracks offer. But practice I will.

    Bought it yesterday, got through to the B license stuff. It's rather easy to see how people can get hooked on this. It's just fun. Seems to strike the right level of challenge (although I was rather tired and slightly drunk) and the level designs are fantastic.

    Haven't really made a solid attempt to get fantastic times yet. Just getting the hang of things for now but once I do, someone else can be at the bottom of the leaderboards!

    Great fun, but some of the levels are frustrating

      I love it - Ever so slightly understated, but this should be a box quote! Well, if it had a box.

    Has total rage quit last night. Track after "Logged In". I spent hours trying to get a flawless run on that one (gave up with one fault) only hit a brick wall on the next track, or should I say concrete pipe on top of a near vertical climb!!!!!

    Add me : Keen for more buddies to play this with.

    It's awesome, although I think this game is going to break my controllers' "Back button"... every time one of those little white dots from my friends list just sneaks past me... RESTART!

    Multiplayer is good too.

      It's only frustrating if you're trying to get gold on everything, but yeah it's addictive, I fail to put it down every time I say I will. JUST ONE MORE GO

        whoops that was totally meant for @batguy

          The frustration does not come from gold - that's usually quite doable. The frustration comes from knowing that you *could* do that level better than you did, which would probably place you above all your friends, and not being able to stop at that point.

          It's quite common for me to finish a level on gold first uninterrupted run despite some obvious screwups. An hour later, I'm still trying to eke out that extra half a second that will place me above Sughly...

          Needless to say, I only just made it to my level A license last night after playing solidly since release.

            I actually enjoy seeing your dot shoot ahead, because I get some basic idea of where you're slowing down and what points you're jumping from and landing on.

            Once you finish a hard track, you unlock platinum medals, its a whole new level of hair tearing frustration. For example I'm 0.066s off getting a platinum in one of the early tracks but I'm buggered if I can do it without one of the tiny cockups that costs you a teeny bit of time

      Clocking gigatrack can be annoying... its like 8 minutes long.

    This is a game equivalent of cocaine, and it has a pretty great editor as well. Best use of MS points ever!

    Single player is so addictive and occasionally I'll play multiplayer... both are awesome.
    I've 100% the challenge games, and the first 3 sets of levels and yeah the other ones are getting ridiculous haha.
    Side point: I reckon a good achievement would be if you've restarted a level 50 times or more :)

    I made a rule whilst playing yesterday that any time I was frustrated with the game I had to compliment my wife. She was much more approving of my gaming time after that.

    1st day one buy on the arcade for me in a long while and worth it even with broken (ranked) online play so far. I'm taking it as an excuse to reduce my suckiness a little so I'm not so overwhelmed when I do finally get online to play with someone other than my nephew - who still beats me 9 times out of 10.

    I've played the mobile Android versions.

    Don't understand why they score so high in the user reviews.
    How is this one better?

    I'd check it out myself, but I don't own a 360.

      Just watched the trailer, and compared to the mobile versions it looks amazing.
      Didn't the first one come to Steam/PC? I hope this one does too now. :p

        The reason it would look amazing compared to the mobile game, is that the mobiles games you're referencing are the "Trial" games, not "Trials." They are not made by RedLynx, they are not endorsed by them, they are just crappy rip-offs.

      "Mobile Android version" - there's your problem, no way a mobile device can provide the precise controls and feel that make it so good.

        Not sure if its on Android, but Bike Baron on iOS is pretty cool.

      Ahhh.. what games are you talking about... The Trials franchise has had a Flash game, a steam game and 2 xbox exclusives. I suspect you are playing the cheap (ribbish) rip offs. I suggest you watch some videos of Trials Evolution so you know what this game is about.

        I already said what versions I played.
        The mobile Android versions.

        Trials Xtreme, Trials Xtreme 2, Trials Xtreme Winter.
        All shit.

        I also already said I watched the trailer for Evo and it looks good.
        Keep up, bro.

          I'd actually started typing my response before your second comment was posted, so I did keep up, just my typing is slow ;) It's all good man, After reading your second comment, it all makes much more sense.

    yeh awesome game, but damn that sound track hurts my ears.. First game I've ever had to use a custom soundtrack on lol.

    Yeah I kinda go a little crazy over this game. So many tracks to get into I've hardly had time to play them all properly. Im trying to try a little bit of everything but its hard. Im trying to make a track at the moment but doubt that will happen. Im also going for the extreme tracks platinums. I absolutely love the extreme tracks and I really like how hard they are. After playing HD for so many years, its great to be tested like this again!.

    I'm absolutely loving it.

    Seeing all your dots shooting ahead of me and feeling every pint of blood in my body boil when I give the bike a little bit too much juice and flip onto my head right at the finish line.


    Damnit I love this game. Finished the extreme trials this weekend and clapped my hands so hard in celebration that they stung for hours.

    The game is great, it's a shame about the soundtrack, though. Is it supposed to be serious or serve some function other than exacerbating the headache you already get from the frustrating levels?

    Loving the game but I'm only up to just unlocking the trials trophie thInk I still have two sets of tracks I haven't even started yet. No tracks that I hate so far either (I'm looking at you tyre hill from HD) I guess my only problems are the music (except those horrible raps) and I'm jelous of everyone else having so many people on friend lists to compete against

    I love the game, but my only complaint is the changes to the physics system.. it ruins the experience for me.. i'd give a a 4 out of 5

      Weird, I was thinking that the change makes the experience for me, it seems more predictable and less bouncy than HD meaning I can actually do what I intend rather than being bounced into an obstacle

    it's great but just recently got back in to super meat boy and god damn that game is awesome

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