Comparing The Witcher 2 On PC And Xbox 360

The Witcher 2, one of the most visually impressive PC games going around, is getting an Xbox 360 port. If you were wondering how many corners needed to be cut to get the game running on a six year-old console, here's your answer.

There's a lot of fog, and the lighting effects have been all but turned off, but does that really matter? The game seems to be there, running, and The Witcher 2 was a pretty damn good game, even without the fancy visuals.


    I actually prefer the xbox version.
    Ouch.. that hurt saying that, I must go wash my mouth out....

      You can go on the PC and change the settings to look like the 360 version.

      There you go, while saving you lots of FPS.

      I had actually gotten the two confused as well.

      It's looking better than I was expecting.

        they had the pc version on medium most of the time... god only knows why

          They showed it on High a few times and even then the Xbox version was on par with that.

            You should think on what type of hardware and software they were running on the PC to compare to the Xbox 360, I've compared the two and the PC version is still superior towards the xbox 360 enhanced edition on medium.

    I'd say the 360 actually fares better than the PC on medium? Of course its not going to top the PC on high, that's just ridiculous but I preferred how the 360 looked to the pc on medium that's for sure.

      Totally, nicer looking than PC medium settings. Looks like a remarkable porting job.

    What are you people talking about? The lighting on the Xbox version is TERRIBLE! I think it's fantastic that the game survived the port with its textures intact, don't get me wrong. But if we're talking graphical comparison there's no question that the PC absolutely kills the 360 here, even on medium.

      Yeah, that shitty blue filter totally makes the PC version better, right?

        You read my mind - are they sure that the devs didn't take the filter out on the xbox version cuz they decided it looked awful (seriously when I saw the freeze frame on the video I thought the right side was gonna be the 360 version!)

        The PC def looks better in some scenes but not that opening one.

          Same, I'm a 'Console Kiddie' and I legitimately thought the right was Xbox until I saw the video. I am so pleasantly surprised by this port.

        You mean the filter that makes the lighting represent that there's a storm? As opposed to the xbox version where it looks like a slightly balmy spring evening?

          Storms make everything blue IRL? Somebody really should have told me.

          Why can't you just face the facts that the first scene looked terrible on PC and be happy that people with xbox get to experience what I've heard is a killer game too? Do you feel the need to justify your PC purchase to yourself or something? I too thought the right shot must have been the xbox screenshot.

          I don't hate PC, I just hate its user base. Close-minded nerds and idiots on almost every occasion.

        That opening scene is a dream/halluncination sequence, and also takes place during a storm. The Xbox version makes no sense - it looks like it's taking place on a cool summers eve. Completely ruins the feel of the cutscene. The blue filter and effects are completely necessary.

    Wow, my new car runs better, has more options and is more powerful than my mates 6 year old car.............YOU DON'T SAY !!!!!!

      a lot of 20 year old cars can school my new ish car. Not a very good analogy.

    I can only run it on lowest settings on PC, and it still looks fantastic. If the Xbox version is even slightly above that, then it'll be amazing.

    The only difference looks like the lighting and the anti-aliasing. The PC version doesn't look to have higher polygon work or textures, so its a much of a muchness.
    The 360 version looks great, other than the fog which appears to have wafted in from Skyrim...

      actually i take that back....the fog actually adds some atmosphere. PC version almost looks "too" clear.

        I totally agree dude. Fog adds something that PC version just doesn't really seem to have there.

        "too clear"

        So not being able to see grass what looks like a meter away on that videos first frame, is "too clear"?

    need to see that video in full 1080 instead of 720 to really see the difference

      Bet you the 360 version doesn't run in 1080.

        You're right, in fact barely any console games run in 1080 :P

    Anyone who thinks the PC version is inferior, is kidding themselves

    Looks like they recorded the PC footage on something a little older, that frame rate was pretty dicey. The game normally runs pretty well on even a mid range modern PC.

    The lighting effects were terrible anyway even on my computer that didn't struggle with them. Couldn't stand the game with them on. So... perfectly good footage~

    PC still looks better, Not a bad port tho for gamers of all forms to enjoy a rich story.

    Which is all it "should" come down too.

    PC or 360, don't care, I'm watching this and I'm thinking.. I need to get this game.
    Gotta admit though, at the start of the vid, I was thinking the PC one was on the left as (to my eyes) it looked better.. I am surprised.

      It was only comparing to fairly modest settings for the PC. If you want a decent comparison, I can run it on medium fairly well with a gtx260, whereas ultra (specifically ubersampling) apparently requires a gtx590, or ideally multiple cards.

        Yeah, I got all but ubersampling with my OC'd & Unlocked 6950 + OC'd 2500k. I tried playing with it on for a while but at 20fps it isn't worth it. Defiantly needs a 590+ or multiple cards.

          What does übersampling do anyway? I turned it on my computer with sli 570s and all I noticed was a massive frame rate drop? To be fair I only played it for about 3 minutes before quitting and turn übersampling off.

            Ubersampling is kind of a combined anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering system. The results if you're sitting 10cm away from a large monitor is quite noticeable, but apart from that? Ehhh.

            I think it also avoids some of the artifacts you get from stuff, but I'm not really sure. I didn't find it worth it for the collosal frame rate drop, that's for sure.

            According to CDPR, it renders each frame multiple times with slight jitter and averages them. It's quite noticeable on some textures. Iorveth's badges, for example, look a lot better with it on (admittedly at about the 2fps I achieved with it turned on).

            Übersampling turns mighty graphics cards into whimpering children. CDPR designed it to humble even the heftiest of gaming rigs.

    The Xbox version looks a ton load better than PC. The shitty blue philter on PC ruins it.

      If you'd played the game you'd know why that blue filter is there. Removing it makes the scene worse in context.

    Best visuals ever? Are you high? Th e Witcher 2 looked average at best.. nice textures I guess but they didn't make up for the God awful character models.

    360 or pc who cares!? Pc elitists just be happy for us 360 users that we get to experience this game. And 360 users, don't be smarmy about how good the port looks

    there didnt seem to be any...colour in the xbox version, they sapped all the colour out of it!

    I am surprised at how much I prefer the xbox360 version (based purely on the above video). It just seems clearer/brighter to me.

    Since when has Geralt had a tan?

    24$ for the 2.0 version at JB when i was there last week. The P.C Version looks Loads Better however the Port looks very impressive.

    After watching that vid , i m defiantly getting it on pc is 6 years old and it will look crap unlike the xbox version which impressed me

    This is why I waited for the console release. My PC would chug on Medium and the 360 looks better imo. The high setting isn't that amazing that it justifies a gaming PC.

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