Cosplay Isn't Simply Dressing As Video Game Characters

Or as anime characters. Or manga characters. Or movie characters. It's simply "costume play", and Japanese photographer Yuji Susaki explores that in this series of photos, "Cosplay: Made in Japan".

Susaki is perhaps more known for his fashion pics, celeb portraits, or artistic nudes. For this cosplay series, Susaki roped in well-known Japanese cosplayers like Ai Amano (aka Julie Watai). These are the results.

Be sure not to miss the tour lady holding a "Cosplay Sightseeing" flag.

Yuji Susaki [Official Site]


    That's it I'm out. Pull yourself together kotaku.

      This is an otaku site, get over it.

        Really? Can you point me to where it says this site is an otaku site? All I can find is;

        "The gamers guide - computer and video game news and reviews"
        "the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture."

        Surely you're not using the website's name as the basis for your belief.

          Well, for a lot of gamers, this stuff is part of gaming culture. Culture is defined by the people within it, and whether you like it or not, Brian Ashcraft is part of that culture. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it untrue or invalid.

            "Well, for a lot of gamers, this stuff is part of gaming culture."

            Oh it is, is it? I must've missed that memo.....

              No memo, it's just obvious. You'll see people in costume at any gaming convention and even sometimes at game releases.

      You all know there is a News tab up top. Book mark that section and you wont see this stuff.
      Wow, the level of maturity is just astounding. Anyways, why come here and add to the hit count on this part of the site? Sheesh.

    Enough ladies, BRING ON THE MEN!
    Seriously, far too many fetish cosplay articles lately IMO.

      Yeah, it's weird, there's a lot of girlflesh on display in Bashcraft's articles (which I don't mind, because I love looking at beautiful Asian women) but nothing about the proliferation of yaoi fan-art that I see everywhere else.

      Or not enough?

    Great, now I want sushi. Thanks for nothing Brian.

    This is disgusting, Ashcraft!

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