Cranky Merlin Hates All The Magical Flirting In This Demon Knights #8 Preview

Listen: all you gamers who grew up on Dungeon & Dragons, R.A. Salvatore or Gauntlet should be reading DC Comics' Demon Knights. Written by Paul Cornell, the monthly series throws together a motley crew of medieval adventurers out to defeat powerful necromancers for personal reasons that vary wildly.

The basic approach may sound like standard stuff, but Cornell sketches out the characters out with sharp dialogue and compelling character dynamics. With a Shining Knight that may be gender-bending, an Amazon in exile and several immortals, everyone's got complicated backstories. This issue in particular looks two of those long-lived cast members, pulling back the veil behind the shared history of Madame Xanadu and the demon Etrigan. I like Cornell's slightly modern take on Merlin here; it seems like he can see the love triangle between man, woman and demon before it even happens. Demon Knights #8 is out this Wednesday at comics shops and digital storefronts everywhere. Click each page for a larger version.


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    Well now, having grown up on D&D and being so into Salvatore that I spent a year in grade 11 wanting a Drizzt tattoo, I will definitely check this out

    The art looks great, looks like how we pictured our typical adventuring party

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