Crysis’ Engine Just Got An Upgrade, Makes Fish-Men Look Beautiful

Crysis’ Engine Just Got An Upgrade, Makes Fish-Men Look Beautiful

With Crysis 3 on the way, even if we know almost nothing about it, we can at least guess it’ll feature improved visuals from the second game in the series.

Especially since developers Crytek just announced a range of upgrades to their proprietary engine, including “revamped DirectX 11 tessellation, advanced character rendering options” and an “improved AI system”.

What does that mean? Pretty things can now look a little prettier. As you can see in the video above.

Free CryENGINE 3 SDK 3.4 available [Crytek]


  • Cool, I can’t wait for this tech never to be used because these features aren’t supported on console platforms 😛

    • Blame the lack of risk developers take. Don’t blame the consoles as they have nothing to do with the limitations of games as many like to think.

      Seriously, while Crytek are know for their visuals to me they often forget what even the current PC hardware limitations are and the fact that a game has to play good first before it looks good.

      It does not matter how good the visuals are – if the game play sucks what is what a person will remember it for.

      • I’m not sure how this is relevant to what I posted… I simply implied that this stuff will never be used, by the time a console is capable of supporting DX11 features they’ll have a new engine.

        Heck the only reason DX11 was shoe horned into Crysis 2 was because of the enormous stink that a lot of PC fans kicked up, and some of that stuff wasn’t particularly well assembled.

    • Oh yeah, because DX11 wasn’t available for Crysis 2.. OH WAIT, It was.

      They wouldn’t have developed this tech if they weren’t going to use it, it would be a spectacular waste of money. Except Crysis 3 to be leaps and bounds ahead of the console counterparts, far more so than Crysis 2.

  • First realistic water seen in real-time game engine.

    Truly a watershed moment.

    (pun intended but man, it’s still A Big Thing)

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