Dark Souls 'Prepare To Die' Edition Coming To PC On August 24

The action-role-playing game Dark Souls will be available on August 24 for PC, publisher Namco Bandai said today at a Las Vegas event.

It will feature new content and use the much-maligned Games for Window Live platform. You can see some of the upcoming new bosses in this trailer.

Prepare To Die [Siliconera]


    Those new bosses look fantastic.

    Interesting that they've upped the game's difficulty for the PC version, by turning getting the game to work into a metagame.

      You sir, you made me laugh.

    GFWL? Why....? It's got to have the worst interface and community features, and it doesn't even work as DRM. If you have one game signed in to GFWL of your machine, you can play any of the others with your account in 'offline' mode, without needing a crack. And then when you go online using the game you actually own, you get achievements for all the unregistered games as well.

      I'm guessing it was an easy way to port the online features (via the Xbox version of the game).

      I've personally had little trouble with GFWL. It was an extra layer of logins and a little annoying but it wasn't any more annoying than the usual stuff I usually have to endure to get a PC game running. For example I have had to delete Space Marine because it flat out won't work with my sound card (and I have a pretty standard machine). So I'm more worried about optimisation issues. My PC ought to be able to run this at 720p at 60fps but I bet it won't.

      I've heard others have had more problems with GFWL than me though.

        Having said that, I'd settle for a consistent 30fps at 1080p output to my home-theatre setup via the hdmi. *drools*

        I have had some issues with GFWL causing me to lose access to my save games. There is some sort of encryption on them meaning you cant just copy them over and expect them to work.

        I refuse to be the fool twice for GFWL.

    There's no way this content won't eventually be on consoles anyway. I mean, Japan loves this game. This is just a move to gather more of that western pc audience they were looking for.

    Wonderful, I've been holding out getting the console versions for this eventuality, glad it materialised. I expect they won't have a huge problem with piracy eating into sales as the multiplayer and single player are so closely entwined.

    New bosses and levels as console DLC please.


    DLC would mean more Achievements, which would mean I would lose my Dark Souls "100% Complete" bragging rights!

    Also, curious to see how after much begging for a PC version, PC gamers are still not satisfied - so very hard to please. I wonder how Blighttown and New Londo Ruins will run, seeing as on console the fps dropped to almost a negative number.

      That's what I'm hanging out for as well... I have DS on 360, but I'd probably buy it again on PC to get a workable frame rate.

      That's one tough 100% to get; I can imagine you don't want to lose it. At least one of the achievements reflects having all the others. But if you put the effort in to get the existing achievements, I imagine you'd be pretty game to go get any new ones!

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