Deadmau5 Represents Aperture Science At An Awards Show

This year's Juno Awards, Canada's ceremony that honours Canadian musicians, kicked off yesterday with a ton of musicians you might not recognise.

And then there was Toronto-based electro/house DJ Deadmau5.

Of all the more recognisable artists that were mentioned at the show, Deadmau5 gets a highlight from us for his awesome fashion sense.

The famed DJ/producer hit the stage complete with his usual head-costume attire, but he also sported one of Valve's Aperture Science t-shirts. Hey, Deadmau5: I like Portal, too. Way to represent.

Deadmau5's shirt at the 2012 Juno Awards [Reddit]


    Deadmau5 is awesome and this only proves it further.

    i hate you tina

    why does all you news come from reddit?

      Where would we be without you and your cynicism Name?
      No sense all of us viewing reddit, or the chans, or any of that crap. No sense in all of us viewing Kotaku either, really.
      Either way, carry on. I do enjoy the mindless banter that occurs in these parts!

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