Deadmaus Contributes Happy, Blippy Audio To Sound Shapes

Deadmaus loves video games. He's got giant helmets and tattoos — including one of Shigeru Miyamoto's signature — to testify to that fact. But the world-famous DJ's gamer cred will reach an all-new level when PS Vita game Sound Shapes comes out this summer

The official PlayStation blog revealed glimpses of the Sound Shapes levels that will feature audio design from Deadmaus. The sounds will be accompanied by art from indie developer Pixel Jam. Like other elements from Sound Shapes levels, you'll be able to use the graphics and audio effects from the Deadmaus album to build your own levels. Apparently, there's more collaborations waiting in the wings for Sound Shapes, too. Gotta love that perfectly-synced rhythm platforming action!

Hands-On: Sound Shapes Brings the deadmau5 [PlayStation Blog]


    Seems like making dubstep just turns you into an unrelenting douche.

    Its Deadmau5!! Dead-mau-5

    Also he's Electronica / progressive hous.

      but it's pronounced deadmouse, so not a huge issue.

      To lebowski above though, he doesn't make dubstep.

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