Deus Ex Arrives On Mac Later This Month

On April 26, Square Enix will release Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Ultimate Edition on the Mac, which packs the original game, its DLC, an art book and making-of documentary all in the one box.


    I wonder, is there any more planned DLC for DE:HR? I didnt bother getting the missing link due to the reviews but keen to see what other DLC they had planned.

    And where would Mac gamers get this box? The App Store?

    Googling gives me more info in the page quotes than this article does.

    Gaming on an Apple product = joke

      You may want to have to have a word with the team behind Angry birds - if you can climb over the mount of money they make every week.

      goober, it's exactly the same as gaming on windows, idiot.

        Usually they are referring to the fact that the only mac that supports upgrading the video card starts at 3000 AUD.

        You can play games like angry birds on the mac but its very hard to play current games at the resolution your mac runs at.

    I do not mean to be rude, but isn't one already able to play this game on the Mac already?

    Just use the BootCamp facility and there, you have an installation of Windows running native on the hardware.

    No, I am not joking - BootCamp is not virtualisation as some claim, it is a collection of drivers and a tool that formats part of the drive to NTFS so Windows can be installed.

      Yep. Mass Effect 3 runs very well indeed on my MacBook Pro under BootCamp. And Half Life 2 runs very nicely under OSX, as do Civ IV and V, Football Manager 2012 and so on. I'm just wondering now if the Mac version of DE:HR will magically appear in my Mac Steam list as I have the PC version in Steam...

        Only if it gets enabled for SteamPlay. This is Squeenix can still be a mob of pirates and have the two versions as separate products and demand another fee.

    I've been playing Skyrim on my macbook for the past 6 months, without bootcamp too

    are we getting steam play?

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