Developer's CV Says GTA V Is Coming Out In October...

... But we say that's a little optimistic, and it's probably worth putting this in the 'rumour' file, if such a thing exists.

A Rockstar North developer's CV states the upcoming GTA V is being released this October, reports Joystiq, and while that may seem unlikely, the CV has since been removed. So far, Rockstar hasn't commented, and we don't expect it will.

While Rockstar releasing a GTA during the holiday period is common, we think that's probably too small of a gap between Max Payne 3's release (May 17) for Rockstar to really focus the time it usually takes on a new title — especially one from its landmark franchise.

Still, I want to believe!

Rockstar North employee CV gives Grand Theft Auto V an October launch window [update: CV pulled] [Joystiq]


    October is gonna be a ridiculous month.

    Rockstar only release one game a year... and May is pretty much their launch window, so I'm calling it BS.

      Recently (last few titles) Rockstar certainly have made the late April/May window their own, I still carry a hope for October this year. GTA has a very long history of releasing within October, GTA IV was planned to release in October before the delays for multiplayer.

      This is specifically a Rockstar North game and their mainline entries have been GTA IV (2008) and RDR (2010), they did the Episodes (2009) but those wouldn't have been a huge resource for them seeing as the engine was built, so the release of GTA V in Oct will be over a 2 year gap, they are due for something and they are very very good with theis marketing, other co-incidental items...

      GTA IV - 1st Trailer - late March 2007, game released following April (after delay)
      RDR - 1st Trailer - mid May 2009, game released following May
      On average, just about a year from the first reveal...
      GTA V - 1st Trailer - early November 2011, October 2012 wouldn't be out of the question.

      If they do release then though, I have absolutely have no idea what they have planned for 2013, maybe nothing and it will be 2 Episode like expansions again, as they had nothing major released in 2009 either. If 2012 is missed, then Apr/May 2013 would be unbackable with the bookies if they ran sweeps on this, lol

        I should mention the 2 biggest reasons why GTA V won't be coming out later this year also. Take 2 Interactive already have announced releases dates for...

        Borderlands 2 - September 18th & Bioshock Infinite - October 16th

        Throwing a 3rd game in there would hurt their sales on one of them in the crowded holiday releases. Personally I'd be getting them all, but I think Bioshock would do better in May 2013 than it will later this year anyway

      Every gta has been released in oct except 4 and that was delayed. It also was suppose to release in Oct. Also the new consoles will be out on 2 yrs. I would like to think big games like this would be released as far away from that as possible. Just my opinion though.

    Maybe October next year? That's totally plausible in my eyes.

    A new trailer, some more game info or even a screenshot for GTAV would do me for the year.

    This seems like a strange coincidence as I have heard a couple other journalists speculating at an October release.

      As long as they aren't all citing the same source :P

        Nah no real source exactly, they seem to be coming to their own independant conclusions based on usual R* timelines and where they thought the game development might be at. Sounded like pure speculation at the time (couple months ago), but looks like it might hold some water.

    GTA always comes out close to or right on my birthday. Mid october. GTA 1: Oct 97, GTA 2: October 99, GTA 3: Oct 2001, GTA 4 was delayed for its october release by just over 6 months , hitting shelves in april 2008.

    I dont have a beautiful mind but I definately see a pattern.

    It seems likely that they would release is prior to the next gen/current gen pc's with enough gap so people don't wait for the superhd version. I would want it out this year as well. Also, no competition for them as only shooters look like coming around then

    This is really unlikely, Isn't BIoshock Infinite releasing in the same month? I don't think 2K would release their two biggest franchises in the same month. That's just me though.

    Take as long as you want, Rockstar, I'm still getting it. Take your time, my friends, take your time.

      I god damn second this indeed.

    If anything GTA has proven to not really compete with anyone. If bioshock and gta release side by side I know Ill go GTA first.

    My guess is that it will release somewhere around this time next year.

    The thing most people dont realise is that this game has probably been worked on since GTA IV was released back in 2008, so its had nearly 4 solid years of development time and it probably could release this year but if it does release in october, it has Bioshock Infinite, Assassins Creed 3 to contend with and even anther Call of Duty in November so its probably safe to withhold release until Feburary or March next year.

    Either way, i am buying it.

      Nope, it's the other way around, every publisher HOPES that it's not released this October/November when they all plan to release their big titles for the year. You have to remember, when GTA IV released it broke all entertainment records at the time, it's only since been past by a few COD games, nothing else.

      I would go as far as saying that Activision would be concerned also, GTA V could actually give whatever COD game is released a run for it's money for the biggest holiday release and I don't think Activision will want to lose that title.

        Yeah, i guess, but if it does release it has to go up against Bioshock Infinite, Take2 might not want two such huge titles to be release so close together.

        My guess is still early 2013.

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