Diablo III: Meet The Barbarian... And The New Aussie/NZ Forums!

Blizzard has today revealed going into the background of 'The Barbarian' with an all new class introduction vid but, perhaps more importantly, the official Australian/NZ forums have now been officially opened. So if you feel like bitching about local servers and latency (and don't we all) this is the place to do it!

Diablo III is set for release on May 15. My left mouse button is ready.


    I just wish they'd hurry up with Heart of the Swarm. I don't really care about Diablo 3.

      Thems fighting words, buddy!

      I agree though. I'm very keen for Diablo III, but I'm more keen to hear about SC:HotS, project titan, and hopefully Warcraft IV!

        I agree. I am hyped about Diablo 3, but to a far lesser extent than Heart of the Swarm or Project Titan.

        Remember when it was just Blizzard and Blizzard North, and all they did was Warcraft/Starcraft and Diablo respectively? Secretly I scorn World Of Warcraft for taking up so much development time from that whole company over the last ten years.

          I scorn world of Warcraft for screwing Warcraft too stupid WoW

      Last starcraft release: 2010
      Last warcraft release: 2010
      Last diablo release: 2001

      forgive me for wanting to see a s**tload more stuff about D3. I'm excited and hyped up beyond belief for it.

      The pre-release website is up for those interested http://reveal.diablo3.com/en_US
      May 15th can't come soon enough.

        Well I wasn't impressed by Diablo or Diablo 2, hence my distinct lack of enthusiasm for Diablo 3. I've never liked the series and I don't think D3 is going to change my mind.

    Was I the only one expecting a timely FUS RO DAH?

    Blizzard has already killed any buzz I could possibly feel for D3 news with their repeated delays.

      Honestly I admire blizzard for this. They do not release second rate games because of a deadline. The way I see it they do not release a game that is not finished..hence the dozens of delays. Id rather wait a year or two then play a game that was rushed. Something bioware/EA should have done... sigh..

    Yeah really not feeling it any more, it feels like it should have been released years ago when images first started rolling about. Now we are just to the point where it seems like a certain blonde haired beef cake will jump in and be like "Can you spell disappointment?".

      The blond-haired beef cake is a lie. Sorry.

    There is no way in hell this game will be a disappointment. It will be bigger and filled with so much sweet loot and ultra rare magic items and unique Armour sets. And with modern visuals @ 1080p and awesome sound. Oh my. Can't wait.

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