Diablo III's Female Monk Comes To Life In This Stunning Cosplay

Blizzard and master cosplayer Christina Sims team up to present her amazing Diablo III Monk cosplay from BlizzCon 2010 in a more natural setting.

When were first introduced to Diablo III's Monk class, Blizzard gave BlizzCon 2009 a chance to play the combo-driven character in a desert setting, hence Christina "ZerinaX" Sims trekking through the endless wastes in this gorgeous photo shoot.

Want to see how Christina made the costume? Blizzard's got you covered. Want to see more of Christina's astounding work? Check out her Facebook page.

Christina Sims, the Female Monk [Diablo III]


    I wonder if she puts her weapons away when she attacks just like in game, which still looks completely ridiculous and makes weapons for the monk nothing more than stat sticks. Shame really.

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    I love the armour she did a great job !

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