Dick Smith Employee Tells The Story Behind The Sale [UPDATE]

The excitement of Dick Smith Electronic's game sale yesterday was, in many ways, off-set by the anger from customers who felt that they'd lined up for nothing. The Dick Smith sale was characterised by miscommunication: from when the sale was meant to begin, to what was actually available and in stock, to how much people could buy. A Dick Smith employee who worked during the sale has offered to answer a few questions for us.

The employee has asked to remain anonymous because he still works for the retailer.

Kotaku: Last week three price lists were leaked and everyone interpreted this to be a store-wide sale. Was everything actually meant to go on sale? Dick Smith Employee (DSE): I feel the main generation of hype for this sale was in the way the document was leaked. To us staff, we can translate that document immediately to see what's in stock and what isn't, whereas anyone else would have looked at it and thought 'EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!'

For example, there were codes on the initial document (everything in the store has a product look-up code and customers are given these codes on their receipts and when they want to call and ask for stock) that tell us what items are in stock and what items aren't in any particular store. If customers had these codes they could also put them into the Dick Smith website and see what stores have stock and what counts online distribution has.

The moment that list came out I went through it and discovered that we had next to none of the hardware and that most stores around us didn't, either. Those codes also tell us whether items are no longer sold (discontinued) or still being stocked (active). As this was a nationally-distributed letter to all stores, if one store in the entire country stocked that item, it was on the list.

Kotaku: Initially we were informed that the sale would start on April 2, then we were told it was April 12, then the sale started April 2. When was the sale meant to take place? DSE: This itself is a little confusing even to us staff. Some items have been held back from going on sale until April 12th due to them either being advertised in the next catalogue and needing to meet stock requirements or to keep a little stock from being sold just yet, however, at the ground level we haven't been given anything concrete. We were meant to be given a week to price all the games and have it ready for sale come April 12th but due to the leak the entire thing was bumped up, giving us staff very little time to prepare for it.

Kotaku: We've heard rumours that Dick Smith held this sale because they're looking to move out of selling games. Is this true? DSE: The reason as far as I can see is just to clear out old gaming stock. Dick Smith has had gaming clearances before but nothing to this magnitude. A few games that were extremely old (as in years) weren't even put up for sale, they were simply destroyed. Dick Smith is certainly continuing to sell games because no new games were put on sale and our system is still being actively stocked. I'd wager they're trying to liquidate old stock as Woolworths do want to sell the business off.

[UPDATE: In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, a spokesperson for Woolworths said that Dick Smith will be moving out of the gaming market.

“We did a full business review and we decided to accelerate [our consolidation of gaming],” a Woolworths spokesperson said. “This isn’t about clearing out to restock again.

“There are games stores and online gaming specialists, so we’ll leave that market largely to them and just have a very core range of titles and much tighter purchasing strategies.”]

Kotaku: What was it like being behind the counter on the day of the sale? DSE: I rocked up to work about half an hour before open to help prepare for the sale and there was already about thirty people at the front of the store. By the time we opened it was more about fifty. To put that into perspective we normally have one, maybe two people at the front of the store. The moment those doors opened the counter itself was flooded with people asking for DSis (of which there were only a few).

That said people were generally pretty understanding. One guy threaten to call the ACCC and complain and a couple of people got a little angry when we told them they couldn't buy as much as they wanted, but that was about it, everyone else seemed fairly happy and picked up a game or two. Some customers were unhappy to see other customers snap up all the hardware or software in one purchase before anyone else could. There certainly wasn't enough staff on, though. I don't think Dick Smith Head Office were really prepared for what was going to happen in terms of size.

Kotaku: There have been reports that Dick Smith staff bought up all the hardware before the sale opened to the public. Were there any rules in place as far as what staff could and couldn't buy? DSE: We were advised by Head Office not to have any kind of staff holds and that Loss Prevention would be keeping a tight eye on things just in case it did happen. There weren't any other solid rules in place for the sale, but I know a few stores (such as my own) limited the amount of stock one person could buy so that it was shared around a little and more people could enjoy the benefits of the pricing.


    and yet people are finding ebay listings from staff members who picked up more than a few xboxes and dsi's for themselves to then sell at full price. Not shopping there ever again.

    • Who's to say alot of those sales are also from customers who picked stuff up yesterday ??

      It's time for the pissed off angry nerds to move on and get over this...

        I'd say anyone living in Homs is thinking there are worse things than angry nerds...

        like angry dictators...

          Well it appears missing out on a $20 dollar DSI is worse going by this thread. Seriously the nerds need to chill

            I'd say angry homicidal dictators are worse than angry nerds. But I'm a bit of a pragmatist.

        Picture this,
        Sunday evening my local Dick Smith had plenty of Nintendo DSI’s at closing time.
        The following morning I am the first in line in a crowd of about 50 people.
        I am then immediately told that all DSI’s are 'sold out'.
        People have the right to be pissed off.
        Who the hell are you to tell people how they should feel?

          Notify Head Office and get Loss Prevention involved.

      Can you link me to said ebay auction with some kind of proof that they're listed by staff?

      +1... not that I would shop there anyway.

      Cool because those few staff represent the whole company. How realistic is it that every DSE staff member would be some sort of saintly figure holding off all temptation and vigorously defending the rights of shoppers at their behest?

      I know a girl who worked there who bought all the DSi's. Disgusting sale.

      This isnt even limited to ebay, I saw school kids just grabbing handfuls of xbox live subs of every tier to sell off to other kids at their schools, heard them discussing how much they stood to make, ridiculous...

    "We were meant to be given a week to price all the games and have it ready for sale come April 12th but due to the leak the entire thing was bumped up, giving us staff very little time to prepare for it."

    I was told something similar by a friend who works at DSE yesterday, and it really confuses me. You have a sale planned, the list is leaked, so you bump up the sale to ten days earlier? I simply don't understand the reason why they'd do that. Wouldn't it be better to build up hype for another week or so while the staff get everything set up? As it stands now the whole thing was badly coordinated, some stores apparently didn't even know there was a sale. So it really confuses me why they'd decide to start it so early.

      When stuff gets marked for sales, if the list is distributed widely enough, early enough then it can actually prevent you selling stuff until that sale starts.

    Then there are staff members like this guy which has appeared over a few forums http://i40.tinypic.com/33ehopt.jpg

      There's also this guy. http://imgur.com/cjUXc

        I don't work for Dick Smith but I could easily have bought a few and say I was a DSE employee! The joys of unconfirmed facts taken as reality.

        Clearly a doctored image - not cool. The font size and placement of the description is wrong. Original listing http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180855433564&_rdc=1

      The guy seems a little selfish, but I think the internet in general should cool down a little and not name name's. Making things personal and giving people a target to direct their hate doesn't usually end well.

      Well at least his mate is wearing a Meshuggah t-shirt, haha.

        Good to see someone else pointed that out

      What a moron, the things people post on Facebook without even stopping to think about it first never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure he is now out of a job.

    having spoken to an ex-college of mine who's now at the corporate level and i'll keep anonymous has hinted to me that the list was deliberately leaked for float the share price for sale.

    This staff members words seem to back it up for a full picture, nice to know the public was getting played.

      Downside to the way they played is that it has worked against them. The public backlash would look unfavourably to any would be investor.

      "DSE: We were advised by Head Office not to have any kind of staff holds and that Loss Prevention would be keeping a tight eye on things just in case it did happen."
      If this is the case, and all stories about staff buying all up before "official start of sale" (which is also illegal according to ACCC, staff must buy sale items during normal trade hours, or at COB) There should be a lot of returns and staff firings taking place. Having worked in one of the largest department stores in Australia, they took issues like this seriously, particularly when ACCC and media get involved.

        JBHIFI who were rumored to be the company they were going to offer the company to in a few weeks has now publicly condemned them.

        Was told yesterday they had a buyer lined up, when I spoke to my mate today sounds like they don't anymore...

          A few inside sources that I deal with at Derni group, mentioned they were a potential to remake the stores as they originally were, electronis specialists (especially for DIY's).... But again, due to this, they too are shying away.

        Dude, at the rate they get paid, it'd be worth it to grab a dozen XBoxes, sell them at $150 profit, and take the firing on the chin.

        'having spoken to an ex-college of mine who’s now at the corporate level'

        Sure you have. Got any evidence to back that up at all? Until I actually see more that random people on the internet claiming to know someone who is 'high up' I'm just going to dismiss people like you as self entitled dipshits.

        Remember this: you lost nothing. I bet you weren't looking to buy anything on the list prior to seeing said list and are bitching about it in a misguided attempt to get some kind of sympathy. Protip: nobody gives a shit.

          wow maybe go back and look at other posts i've made on here backed up with reciepts, pictures and even a video so can it.

          I started with woolworths years ago, i've been various ranks through the machine 2 of the guys I use to manage the northeast area when we were float in reserve managers are now at corporate, one is in advertising the other is in fresh produce procurement and is suffering depression over it because of how hard woolworths are pushing him.

          And as for me saying i'd never work for them again once I left for my tech job..... I still bartend casually in some places and in the last 3 years woolworths and coles have bought so many pubs and clubs that I still technically work for woolworths as they own half of the pubs that I bartend and do risk assessments for.

          It's a nasty machine.

            That is a fantastic story you've got there. Unfortunately, a bunch of receipts and a few pictures doesn't count as being proof. So my last statement still stands.

            Also, I'd just like to point out that you people never owned ant of the merchandise yet for some reason you are acting like you were entitled to it. Jesus christ you people need to stop crying foul and think for a second. They maybe, just maybe you might realise how retardedly childish you are being .

              ignore maaaat daaaamon he is the most 'retardedly childish' person on Kotaku.

                I get that a lot. Especially when retards like you finally realise that I'm saying makes perfect sense.
                Also, you might want to actually address some of the points in my comment as opposed to just calling me names. It actually makes you look like the child that you are.

                  You started the name calling asshole.

        Your name is Pete Robinson right?

      That was obvious this is the account that uploaded the price list on whirlpool http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/user/488724 it's a new account.

    My wife went the day before & enquired about a Nintendo DS (which they said they had PLENTY of stock available), she was first in line on Monday for their assumed "sale" but was told "sorry but we have sold out"...what utter rubbish! Staff not buying up stock, yeah right...who do they think they're kidding? I for one will NEVER walk into another Dick Smith store again.

      Dude, am I your wife. No, but I share the exact same story. Visited the Launceston Dick Smith store at closing time on Sunday to hear they had plenty of DSis, in three colours. First in line, first to the counter, yet no stock available. Even the display model had been taken. If the Launceston Dick Face staff didn't horde the good stuff, I'll eat my hat. I've written an angry letter to the Dick Face head office, but I know nothing will come of it. Really pissed to get there at 7:20am, and leave with absolutely nothing. By the time the 'helpful' staff had informed me they didn't have any stock, all the decent games were taken by the mass of people behind me. Good times. Not shopping at Dick Smith ever again.

    I'm sure "no staff holds" was the official word, but well... that's like saying that officially EB staff don't borrow games then put them back on the shelf as if they were brand new. Nor does it explain the massive discrepancies between what was available at stores on Sunday evening and suddenly no longer available Monday morning - then there's the issue with some online items suddenly being flipped to in-store only the morning of the sale.

    Of course the stores can't be held responsible for some items being dropped from the list entirely so they were not available at the sale price, but this also varied from store to store as some locations arbitrarily opted not to participate in some parts of the sale.

    I think the wide reaction to this has been overblown and stems from a sense of entitlement a lot of people have, but it's hard to feel unsymapthetic to the hordes of people annoyed about not getting what they wanted when there's so much evidence supporting their perception that there was a substantial amount of shadiness going on.

    In short, if there's supposed to be cheap stuff on sale it shouldn't mysteriously vanish then appear on ebay the next day at a 150% markup with boastful remarks about how it was staff-bought before the doors opened.

    There shouldn't be DSE employees trolling customers on the DSE facebook page.

    In short, DSE disappointed a lot of people, and lost a lot of future business. Will it hurt them? Eh.

      sense of entitlement is a bit fargone.

      In all my experience working for woolworths they should have followed SOP.

      If they had made a press release and confirmed and denied everything appropriate it would have been no dramas. It's all pointing to a deliberate move to push people in hope they buy more float the price.

      then there’s the issue with some online items suddenly being flipped to in-store only the morning of the sale.

      I'm not trying to justify what they did here. It was a bad move even if it was only unintentionally hostile. However what you mentioned was happening all week. Like the employee in the interview said it was a clearance sale meaning they weren't renewing stock. If they had one copy of Dead Island left before the sale and someone brought it at full price, the website goes "well, there's nothing in inventory, flip it over to 'only in stores' mode".
      I think when it comes to the online store it'd be a lot harder to get away with that sort of staff buying early stuff. You can't just put the box out back where the customers can't reach see it/bring it to the counter. The only way to get the online store to stop stocking it (without creating an extremely obvious paper trail) is to buy it, and it won't give you the sale price until the sale starts.
      If the DSE employees running the site could just switch things to 'not in stock' they wouldn't waste time with sale items, they'd just remove the good stock from the website and take it home with them.

    As a former DSE Employee, I'll say one thing:

    There are never, ever enough staff on in any of the stores outside of the city centre + powerhouse locations. I've worked December 24th's with 2 staff on in some smaller stores. This is because budgets won't allow for more staff on.

    The employees are overworked and underpayed for what they do. Because DSE used to sell electronic components and whatnot (some still do), people come in asking heavily technical questions. If you don't know, they get angry and abusive. So there's this expectation of massive technical knowledge.

    Casual staff are made to do unpaid after-hours training, hours per month of it, for products, and the company tracks what you have and haven't completed. If you don't do all the training modules, no hours for you. Also, unpaid after-hours meetings.

    So, training, expectations of insane product knowledge, a massive focus on customer service, competitive KPI tracking, managers forcing you to push warranties on everything, there is never enough box-stock of popular items, so you have to convince people to accept these 2nd hand items which some tosser tore up the box for and brought back because "I wanted a black one" (there's a colour sticker on the side, you jackass) for a measly $5 discount (the most we're allowed to give on most items).

    All that, and you get paid less than a woolworths checkout chick.

      No offense meant mate, but that pretty much sums up retail as a whole. If their employees dont like, they should get a job in a different industry, and if woolys checkout staff make more with less effort, go work for them.

        Yes and no. Compare to JB, EB, Harveys. DSE staff have to know everything about every department. You'll never get a JB staff member in the games section being asked for a centre-negative compatible power adapter-inverter for a 75W laptop.

          My heart bleeds for you... How ever did you survive?

          Bottom line - they give you money, you do what they say. You dont like it, or think its better eslewhere?


      I'm sorry you picked such a bad working environment for your employment but that doesn't excuse staff grabbing all the hardware and posting ebay auctions selling it all super marked up!!

        LOL Pans McClure, Such an ignorant person. I'm also a former DSE employee at one of the largest stores in WA. Compared to other retail jobs dse staff are worse off, I was constantly pressured to push warrentys and rentsmart for each customer i felt bad doing it but my hours were counting on that. i swear i now hate people more since working in dse the questions and expectations you get are ridiculous let alone the low pay.

      Welcome to the world of Retail.

      That's retail mate. If you work for any big franchise, expect to be bled for KPIs and expected to know more than you do and be worked like a dog. That's just life. If people don't like it they need to get a better job. As far as after hours training, that's an issue with the EBA. It may even be illegal, but it also may be in the contract that was signed prior to employment.

      Whatever, you're paid more to do less -- and to do it with less skill and enthusiasm -- than retail staffers in any other country on earth.

      Which was fine 30 years ago, but Australians travel a lot now and realize that paying a 50% premium for zero customer service and a a generally miserable shopping experience is just not OK. That's why the retail sector in this country is sunk. It only took three decades, but eventually nobody wants to pay for garbage.

      I only shop JB-HIFi. They don't go out of their way to make me hate being there, and that's as good as it gets in Australia.

    People need to remember it it never was an advertised sale, it was just a mark-down of old stock that got leaked.People only have themselves to blame for getting dissapointed.
    It just got hyped up on the web to the "sale of the century".

      Thats because their website when doing product searches lets you know specific locations of all stock. So people knew some stores had 20+ DSi's. To the extent they checked store day before. Then miraculosly they disappeared. Same with items online in stock, then automatically sold out the same minute sale prices go live. You cant say that isnt dodgy.

      Im not saying this in a bad way, but yes this is company policy, I built my way up in woolworths after being offered a management position at 18, getting there only to be told no and having it dangled like a carrot over my head for 6 months.

      Same kind of treatment doing 40 hour weeks, with only 20 hours showing up going to the union and finding them useless.

      I got in severe trouble for heavily unionising my woolworths and making our people stand up for our rights and suddenly I had my management position and was shoveled around to shut me up.

      Anyone using this sale as an excuse for the staff to 'get what they deserve' **** off. your being part of the problem almost as bad as all the kids I had working for me who wouldnt listen to me telling them to go home instead of staying behind an hour to do unpaid training.

      I hope that this colossal clusterf*** of a situation sheds light on not only the crap woolworths limited has pulled and should be penalized for it but on how staff are not to conduct.

      I've been through so many areas of woolworths at varying ranks and never stolen anything from them, I know that anyone who gets the store keys or is left alone in the coolrooms will steal drinks, swipe damaged stuff, markdown products and have their friends buy it. Thats nothing compared to buying $1200 worth of goods for $120 to profit online.

      Theres a word for a similar action on the stock market, its called insider trading.

      If these guys had given the public a fair shot or put out disclaimers or announced staff would have first dibs, disclosed what was actually on sale and put out a press release this would have been fine.

      But these tools who have bought up big to whack on ebay and want to do the whole 'its lucky to have perks' or the whole they treated me like crap so i deserve this, take a look at yourself in the mirror.

      Stop thinking of yourselves and actually start challenging the machine instead of being another cog in it.

        I don't know what you're on about, I work at a woolworths and nothing like this has happened to me. Maybe it's just dick smith...

      So posting this ‏ "@DickSmith Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
      @computerguy95 Sale is real and starts April 2nd. Offer is available online and in-store while stocks last" And this " Many of you have heard the rumours, and we wanted to let you know they are true!

      Our massive $7 million Gaming clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it!

      Here is what you need to know:
      - Offers are available in-store and online, and stock is strictly limited
      - Online the sale will commence at 8AM AEST (stock is strictly limited)
      - Stock may vary between stores
      - Click and Collect will not be available and stores will not be able to reserve stock
      - Offers are only available while stocks last. No rain checks

      And don’t worry - Dick Smith will continue to sell Gaming bigger and better than ever!" isnt called advertising? really?

    My personal favourite example from yesterday was the EB staff member in full uniform lining up at the Rosny Dick Smiths buying about 10-15 PS3 games. Sure, buying stuff before work & all... but who needs 4 copies of LA Noire?

      LA Noire for memory trades for approx 10-12 at EB depending on your eb world status. (Recently traded mine). Buy for 5, put towards other game.......

    I dont care what anyone says, letting the staff buy the good stuff before hand isnt fair, the sale was for the public, not staff.

    Would have been nice to have that stock sharing where I went, some guy grabbed a G19 off me, grabbed another and bought the two. Staff didn't help me... but whatev's. Got a G27 on the Sunday sale :)

    this has been one of the funniest things to come to the internet in a while - so much nerd anger, i love it!

    Hopefully next time when sales like this occur for gamers/nerds, future stores set up showering and deodorant stations for customers. The stench of stale piss, wet dog and damp goat in the line was horrendous. Next time take the time to shower, shave and deodorize first thing in the morning.

      I lol'd.

        Why does it matter if people shave or not?

      But that is part of the tactic of getting in first!

    my local opened an hour early...

    my local opened an hour early...
    thanks, Neil from Strathpine.

    (Im repeating myself here, and just to point out, im not a DSE employee): So many people are complaining about staff taking stock early and that the whole situation is not fair. I GUARANTEE 99% of you would have done the exact same if you were a staff member and given that opportunity. They work FOR Dick Smith and are the reason the company is (barely) still afloat, why shouldn't they be entitled to first pick?

    When I wanted my 360 a few years ago, I saved up the money and purchased one, I also did the same for my PS3, you people should do the same instead of saying your entitled to one dirt cheap just because a small percentage went for such a price. Its a cruel world out there, time to move on.

      Where the fuck were all you people yesterday when I was copping fire for calling out these stangry nerds and their perspective issues??

        I entirely agree with your sentiment. Sure I checked the stock the day before and noticed that almost everything of value had been bought or stashed away by dse employees before opening the doors but this was to be expected. One of few perks those guys get so good on them.
        At my local they were even considerate enough to leave one or two of most popular games (there was ~30 god of war collection 10 minutes before closing the night before ;) 2 the next morning) and 2 nintendo wiis for the public. Actually now that I think about it 2 seemed to be the magic number for all but the dsi/360 (0) and a few other popular (should that be highly profitable?) games where there was only one remaining.

      This sounds an awful lot like two wrongs make a right here. The staff probably should have officially gotten first dibs, but they didn't. Doesnt mean they should decide for themselves that they've earnt it. They might as well start reaching into the till - in fact, this probably did more harm. How mant people are going to want to shop their now that they feel cheated.

        too right!

      It's not the individual employees who are at fault -- it's the management. Retail managers in this country are terrible at what they do. They're sexist, racist, inefficient, inarticulate and dim. They're bad at visual marketing, they have poor customer relations training and they don't understand conflict resolution or even the basics of the consumer protection statutes.

      They're terrible, and they managed this terribly.

    Why would you destroy those games!? You should have put them up for sale, some people might have missed out on them and can now only buy them used.

    Or handed them off to me, I would have found the time to play them!

    wow I love these people ^ wah wah wah you have a sense of entitlement^

    then bs's on about their sense of entitlement.

      None of these people are bs'ing about their sense of entitlement. Fuck up.

        there you go again gunning with a superiority complex i proved you wrong the other day

        Your opinion = Invalidated.

          This sentence makes no sense. You make no sense. Fuck. Up.

            Just because the employees of Dicksmith had early access to these items does not entitle them to any special privileges. Legally the store is not allowed to make transactions before the store has opened so that is a law they have broken, and also employees are not allowed to make purchases whilst working.

            These employees had no right to claim EVERYTHING for themselves, I agree that they should have been allowed to hold some of the stock but not a whole sales worth.

              Actually I work in management, and employee's ARE allowed to make purchases whilst working, and before it opens as well. I think that the staff should have been allowed to buy things, but they should have had the same quantity restrictions as everyone else.

    I too was glad I didn't go to the "sale" on monday... I bought a Logitech G27 for $139 on Sunday... didn't see anything else of significant worth to justify going back... ;)

    I used to work at JB, and we would get discount memos daily, marking old crap down to ridiculously cheap prices. One instance I believe was PSP GOs being marked down to $99, when it included the 10 games. The thing is, more often than not, we didn't have the cheap mark downs in stock; barely anyone did. That's why the cheap pricing is used, to get rid of the line completely by selling off the bits and pieces remaining around the country.

    My point is, this seems to be a similar type of memo (albeit, a rather significant one) that got out into the public. So anyone expecting a full on sale was doomed for disappointment from the get go.

    And anyone saying staff did wrong by having first dibs, you would be lying if you say you wouldn't do the same thing. And hey, you often get very few perks working in retail; let them have this one!

      I can't say what SOP is in retail these days or what perks retail staff may or may not feel entitled to, but when I worked in retail the staff of a store had to buy the items during regular trading hours (i.e.: during their breaks) or after COB.

      Allowing staff to hold items or pre-buy them and therefore denying the customer the opportunity to buy them is poor business practice.

        I worked for woolies group less than two years ago - and that was still the case. In fact my mates got fired for buying some discounted stuff out back.

    Was the sale "advertised" at all, or just "leaked"?

      Just leaked. DSE were restricted from advertising due to laws that are in place to prevent riots.

    I got to my store (greensborough for the record) at 6:30.. actually, thats a lie, i got to the shopping centre and lined up outside those doors till they opened and when they did got first in line at dick smith... i got a g19 for the grand price of $40.. i will now happily take the savings i made and buy a g500 mouse from them to match it, even though that same mouse can be had $30-40 cheaper.. simply because the staff were nice, and rewarded me standing around for 2 and a half hours.

    happy customer

      Hey, man, pretty sure I served you Monday morning. Good to know you're happy with your buy and not raging out. :P

    Went into the Geelong store and saw people just grab everything and anything and their true motive was to sell on EBay. Even saw one kid grab every single MS points card, he had so many of them he could barely hold them. Wish i saw his face when he had reached the counter, because they were not the discounted ones. For every profiteering DSE employee, their would of been 10 customers who planned to do the exact same. Watching the animals belt in through the doors was a laugh, all heading to the gaming section to grab everything in site, clearing the shelfs of stock that was not discounted...LOL. I causally walked in, took a right and walked through the cashiers exit only to find 4-5 discount bins with no one around, grabbed myself a handful of games and I was done. Watching on a arrogant customers abused the fuck out of workers once reaching counter to be told full price for their items that where clearly marked at full price....Duh!!! I guess pay day finally came to DSE workers who scored some great bargins. Having to put up with idiotic gaming nerd customers, crap working conditions and crap pay, I would put it down for a win for the workers...Finally!!

      Good point, we take too many factors for granted when it comes to shopping. Gaming tech is high priced in Australia for sure, and it's bound to keep fluctuating when new tech becomes available. I don't blame people holding out for a bargain when it comes to Gaming. I would love to game more often if I could afford to divert the time and money away from other commitments.

      That's retail, if the employees do not like the working conditions then leave. What Dicksmith employees has done is illegal, they have either made transactions before they were permitted to or they have directly lied to customers.

    Wow you guys really need to let this go & talk to a meet a nice girl or something. Geez

      And girls don't do this with clothes sales right?

        I cannot remember a clothes sale that ever ended like this.

          Although I personally think Meanwhile's comment is a cheap shot @ women in general. It has happened, I remember when Stella McCarteny released her 1st collection @ Target, there were literally girls fighting over garments @ chadvegas (I should know my girlfriend was one of them). But back on topic we the consumers are fast becoming like those American douchebags during Black Friday sales, selfish & agressive. Not good. I could not care less I missed out on these bargains.

          Several boxing day sales have though

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