Dick Smith Offering 30% Off Games And Accessories As A 'Gesture Of Good Will'

After Dick Smith's poorly handled video game sale last week, it seems as though it's attempting to make amends, by offering 30% off on all games and accessories until this Sunday.

A statement on Dick Smith's website said the following...

Due to the unauthorised leaking of an internal price list last week, our Game On Sale has exceeded expectations. As our Game On Sale continues this week, we would like to inform our customers that stock is selling faster than expected. We thank you for your patience and continued support and apologise for any inconvenience caused. As a gesture of goodwill in addition to the Game on Sale event we will now be offering extend the offer to include 30% off gaming software and accessories until Sunday 15 April. Please note that this excludes all gaming consoles, digital cards & already advertised catalogue lines in our Game On brochure (11/4 – 23/4/12).

Not every single game has been discounted, but there are still some solid bargains to be had. You can check the website now, as the discounts have been applied. It may not be much, and it may not be enough, but at least it's something.

Bargain Alert: Dick Smith offers gesture of good will with 30% off games and accessories [Vooks]


    Wait, digital cards? Does that mean PSN and Xbox LIVE point cards?

    Too little too late. My integrity is worth more than 30% off selected items.
    RIP Dick Smith.

      You got Quoted on news.com.au...


    @Neo-Kaier, yes, PSN and XBL points is what they meant by 'digital cards'. It's also their zynga/moshi monster cards etc (was chatting a friend who works there). Also, XBL Gold cards too.

    So, 30% off their normal prices bringing it down to the average price of a game anyway, on everything that wasn't on sale.
    Yeah great.

    Might pick up kid Icarus and RE:R for $41 each.

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      Jokes on you, i don't have a best friend bud :P

        Did Dick Smith kill him/her? :P

      That's a bit...much.

      I can understand you might not like the general tone of commentary about this issue, but it is important to some people - and your own comment is much worse than the comments you're objecting to.

      You're better than that, come on!

        But why is it important?
        Important because they missed out on some cheap game on what was clearly marked as a clearence sale?

        I was a little annoyed when i missed out too - but that was on the day. There are still plenty of opportunities to buy good games at stupid prices in the future - and now dick smith do something admirable and offer 30% off of their remaining games and people still act like lovers scorned?

        Just reeks of entitles little brats with nothing better to do, to me.

          I know you want better Chuloopa, but this is the internet, and since (especially since web 2.0) the comment/forum structure of 'internet discussion' is that of a lively chat, and not letters to the editor column. Something trivial, something 'entitled', all becomes fair play. Telling people to such up does nothing for this style of communication.

          Given the coverage in non-gaming media, and the sheer scale of the issue (pretty much every single DS store had little/no stock come 9AM opening on the day of the first "sale"), and the confirmation by DS themselves before the first day of sale that this was a "thing", people are entitled to be a little upset.

          Calling them entitled brats and their lives insignificant because they didn't become okay with the situation as fast as you did is either rage posting or trolling.

            Yeah, I think the backlash to the backlash is becoming more annoying than the backlash.

            Dick Smith handled this badly.

          I wouldn't say I'm angry - I actually only went in to have a look for a flight stick (I should have actually looked at the list) as I happened to be around. However, I find the whole thing rather suspicious.

          Obviously things were going to be competitive, but we know from insiders that many of the listed items weren't available in any of the stores. In my mind, this raises the question as to who released the list - or alternatively, whether they gave it to staff in the hope one would leak it.

          My suspicion is that this is a new type of bait and switch. Technically they didn't advertise the sale, but they didn't have any of those items in stock either. When I was in Woolworth's group, clearance prices for items they might have one or two of across the state were only sold internally to staff (its how I got my xbox) because they knew basically no customer would get one anyway. The only reason I can think that's changed now, is that they can use social media to alert people to a too-good-to-be-true sale, without actually breaking the law.

          In a wider note, I thought this might happen after Dan Murphy's (also Woolworth's group) were subject to a fake email discount. They had heaps of customers come in, but they didn't have to redeem it. I thought something like this might happen sooner rather than later. Its just so easy to get away with:

          "We didn't release the price list".

          I probably sound fairly cynical about all of this, and I agree that I'm suggesting borders on conspiracy theory. The reason I believe that this case was an intentional "legal" bait-and-switch is because Dick Smith are:

          1. Desperate. They really need people in store. Their prices aren't even that bad for a lot of stuff. They have absolutely nothing to lose if people cotton on.
          2. They have a history of dubious business practices. I was one of the many people who bought "new" stock, only to open it (and in my case) find the item had a "returned" sticker on it. They are still doing it - I was looking at power adaptors in their store in Macquarie yesterday and noticed that the box had been opened. When I looked closer, they had actually left the "returned item" sticker on the device.

      Agree with this.

      Use your heads instead of complaining about everything. 30% off accessories means that if you need to buy 360 controllers, HDDs etc, you're getting them for half price when you take the 20% cashback from MS into account. Amazing deal.

        Plus there's the vita memory cards, as mentioned below.

        Just because it's not $5 doesn't mean people won't be benefiting from this.

          "Just because it’s not $5 doesn’t mean people won’t be benefiting from this."

          That's where this vitriol stems from. You're right, people should enjoy 30% off if they need it and "oh-shucks" for missing $5 specials but that $5 special has created price perspective bubble. Sure it wasn't a sale it was a clearance leak but regardless people got to see something offered to them at a price well below what we've been conditioned to expect it to be priced at. This creates a real frenzy of ideas of value, bargain-catching, and affordability. When such an offer is proposed and then taken away, people will feel even more cheated than if it was a simple sale with run-out stock.

          I didn't even get to the sale so I'm not really mad about being somebody who waited in line and got nothing, instead I'm mad that I KNOW that products would be sold so low and that opportunity will seldom reappear, that when I see prices now they will be much higher than what I now know they could have been received at.

          A good example is that everybody knows suppliers and company representative give each other great deals, so say a Sony guy gives his supply line guy a great deal on a PS3; mates rates right? We all know this stuff happens and since we're not friends with the Sony guy we don't get that deal. So even though we know this it's still practically guaranteed you won't enjoy hearing that special deal price from either party, we wouldn't enjoy knowing that such a price is possible and that they had opportunity we can't access.

            Got it in one - I wonder how many of these games like LA Noire, Vanquish, Mafia II have been sold at other stores in Australia in the past week at price points of $35 - $55, I'll take a wild guess - none! Because now we've all seen someone offload it for $5 it has devalued the game in our collective minds!

              I can see we're agreeing here but I'd like to point out that it may not be appropriate to say that the game is "devalued" especially since arguments are being made about the value of software (especially in debates about mobile games and piracy) But more that the "cost perspective" has changed. If a game is already at the point where your 'cost' is below your 'value' (say $35) then you'd probably buy it anyway (circumstances permitting) however a bargain of $5 is placed as an opportunity, and this increases the value through the widening gap of detrimental cost to appreciated value. Having that gap widened makes it difficult to accept that the previous cost is as economical.

        If you use your head even more, you can see it's actually 44% off (not 50%) once you first take 50% off and then take 20% off that price!

          It's 20% off the recommended retail price, not what you paid for it.

            Really? That's pretty cool.

              Yep, reading the fine print is always helpful :) Was pretty impressed myself.

      Insignificant? My mum said I was the most special boy on the planet! You calling my mum a liar?

        My mum says I'm cool.

      I'd suggest the main objection was from people who thought consoles were going to be deep discounted only to find out employees across the nation had already bought them all.

      I can understand the frustration. I'd be pissed too, if I'd spent any length of time in line waiting for opening, stuck behind a pair of overweight, neckbearded mouth-breathers dribbling inane shit like who would win in a fight between Jesus and Doctor Who. I'd be mad about putting up with nerd-BO and the above even if I DID get a cheap console... But to discover that the torture had been endured as a part of some retail game of keep-away? Yeah, I'd have wanted to plant my keys in the nearest jugular.

      I don't care if Dick Smiths wanted to give its staff practically free goodies as some kind of thank you. There was no need to involve the rest of us in that farce.

    Some decent priced Vita memory cards there.

    Its a lot easier to lose my trust, than to gain it.

    And at the risk of sounding petty, I certainly wont be going back anytime soon purely out of principle - sale or no.

    Hilarious story - I went into Dick Smith in Perth City yesterday to pick up a copy of Beaterator on PSP for $5. I saw it earlier in the week, it looked kinda interesting, and I'd paid more that $5 for iPhone apps that did similar things in the past, so I took it to the counter with my $5... and they wouldn't sell it to me.

    Even though there were two copies on the shelf, and it'd been there for at least a week, apparently the stock was 'on hold'. After some confusion as to why this was, one of the sales guys came over to help. He said that it shouldn't have been on the shelf in the first place, as it was supposed to be part of the next sale. I explained it'd been there for the week, and he apologised, just saying it'd be back on the shelf tomorrow for $2. At which time I'd be back at work and won't be able to make it into the store.

    So I decided that I'd just keep my $5 and not bother at all. Even when I wanted to buy something that was right there on the shelf, they made it hard. I really don't understand the logic.

      That's really annoying, but not surprising.

        Ive seen the beaterator games on those shelves in the perth cbd store for $5 for at least 2 years now

      In that situation, it's kind of shitty. IMO if you ask DS to put something on hold, and offer no consideration as in Aus law if pay $1 to put an item on hold it is yours and the seller cannot change their mind even for a better deal, until sale date so you can buy it cheaper but someone comes in beforehand and offers to buy it right there and then, tough titties, you lose your held item. What makes you special, if anything, if I worked at DS and someone asked me to put an item on hold until sale day I would just say no or yes but you will need to pay the sticker price that it is now. With your exact example, DS are idiots, the item's period of time on the shelf is irrelevant, it could have just been put there for all that matters. You are in the store wanting to purchase the item on the shelf at the price advertised on the item, by not selling it to you at the current price, not only have they, potentially, lost a customer for later purchases but have also lost $3 revenue since you want to pay $5 and they will sell for $2. If you are putting an item on hold, take it off the shelf. IMO, and this is the practice I held when I worked retail, if it's on the shelf, it's for sale. If it's on hold, it goes out the back.

        Business Law, baby!
        *bro fist* lol

        A shop is under no obligation to sell you an item, since you are the one making the offer, not them. It's weird, but putting an item in the shop is not an offer, it is an invitation for you to make the offer.

        So they didn't do anything illegal, they were just assholes.

          The word you are looking for is "an invitation to treat"

          Im actually pretty sute they do have to sell it - it was part of the initial racial discrimination acts so they couldn't refuse service to blacks on spurious grounds.

      The POS would not allow it at all. Bypassing this by putting it through as a generic product is not permitted and would have cost him his job if checked by LP (which it would have as it would be flagged)

    Offering to sell me stuff (even if it is a bit cheaper) is hardly trying to "make amends" its really trying to "make sales". Also, wasn't this sale pre-planned? I seem to recall this was dates banded around by staff.

    Not that I'm judging them or anything, it is a business. But I'm way to cynical to let that statement go unquestioned.

      Damned if they sale, Damned if they don't. At least they are actually trying.

        I'm not questioning the sale. I'm going to drop by and buy a wired pad myself. I am damning them for trying to pass it off as an apology.

        I'd say they're trying to buy some goodwill for the possible ACCC investigation.

    Well good on em for trying at least. But I wont be going back to get a game from there. My annoyance is not directed at the staff. It is at the manager of the store and that of the company.

    I had the same experience as Mark Ampersand. I was at Dick Smith on Tuesday, and I picked up two games that were on the bargain bin, they scanned for $10 each. They wouldn't sell it to me because it was on hold for the Wednesday sale. It was a waste of time....but I didn't get too upset. I just told myself I'd come back the next day. So this morning I was at the DSE George St Sydney store....near the front of the queue. I went in when the doors opened. They only had a small selection of games on sale...nothing like what was advertised. Also, the games I tried to buy the day before was gone. All the good titles were gone...all that were left were crappy ones that no one wants to buy at any price.

    So tell me mr Chuloopa, am I not supposed to be annoyed or even angry? This is baiting tactics by DSE, advertising non-existent items for very low prices just to get people in the door.

    Todays sale went great got new set of headphones and 13
    Ps3 games for $41, awesome bargain

    Every time I see that picture I just want to go to Lincraft. :P

      Hahahaha +1
      They probably had a lot more to offer than Dick Smith that day as well.

    Most games are only $1-$5 cheaper then online stores anyway and all the stock seems to be out of stock as always. Dick Smith has lost my respect anyway

    The website had Batman Arkham City on pc for $60 and to purchase online. Now its $10.50 and suddenely instore only.

      I would have purchased it from one of the Large stores that is being shut down, but since they are having their own closing down sale, they are not taking part of the gaming software clearout. Bit of a bummer as i would have loved to have purchased a disc copy for $10.50 (after buying it from Greenman Gaming for $30 a few months ago). I'll just wait for the GOTY edition to drop, or buy it from OZG for $33.

      Giving us 30% off is a good gesture, but there are not many games that i don't already have, that are still in store or in stock online. I have little interest in MW 3 (not even going to play the copy i got from the LE MW 3 Xbox 360 console i got from DS last week) or NBA 2K12. I'd like to get UFC Undisputed 3, but even that is cheaper online.

      However if i want another 320gb hdd, or spare controller (which i don't as i already have several) its pretty good.

    just picked up a copy of Bulletstorm for less than my morning coffee. nice

    The giant sale happened at my local dick smith. Got 6 headsets for $5 each (not wireless) and a $10 steering wheel and Red Dead for $3.50

    Would have loved to get the G930s but sadly looks like more non-existant bait. Don't know what else I really expected.

    Unfortunatly there postage rates kill any so called "bargins".They had a 3 metre usb charging cord for the PS3 for $5, o.k. seems reasonableble and I need one as the crappy one Sony included in the box doesnt reach my sofa but the postage was $9.95 for a $5 cord..Cmon.

    Went in today and grabbed Sonic Generations Ltd Edition for $14 and UFC Trainer for $7. Pretty good for a combined $21. The funny thing is that the Sonic Generations Ltd Edition is $26 cheaper than the normal edition.

    Wow, the article and some of your comments made news.com.au

    Just so people are aware the games being sold are old stock clearing for new stock, ITS OLD STOCK AND STOCK THAT'S BEEN PREVIOUSLY OPENED.

      Well most of it would be opened. They don't usually leave the discs in them as they get stolen.

    Maybe some of these entitled freaks should forego Maccas and Coke for a month and they'll be able to buy a console at RRP.

    First world problems at its finest.

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