Did Tim Cook And Gabe Newell Meet Today?

Did Tim Cook And Gabe Newell Meet Today?

Apple’s arguably the most important company in mobile gaming. Valve not only makes great games like Portal 2 but they also run Steam, the heavyweight champion of video game digital distribution. What would happen if they teamed up? We don’t know.

But we think that the leaders from each company might have met. A report from Apple Insider claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Valve’s Washington State offices earlier today.

The meeting to two tech company heavyweights like Cook and Valve CEO Gabe Newell is tailor-made to set brains speculating? Could they be talking about a Steam Box? Integrating Steam into AppleTV? Buffing up the Steam client on iOS? Maybe they’re talking about the Kotaku Power 40 rankings? (Cook sits quite infamously in the #1 spot while Newell is ranked #8.) My guess? Tim Cook really wants to know when Half-Life 3 is coming out.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that no such meeting happened or that entirely mundane things were discussed. But, for now, let the admirers of each company dream about what a partnership might bring. We’ve reached out to Valve for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted at video game designer Valve’s headquarters [Apple Insider]


  • Valve has done more for Apple gamers than anyone (save for Intel), so this isn’t that surprising to me. Valve’s “Steamplay” feature in many games is pretty impressive.

  • Meh, it’s ust a matter of time till Apple join the rest of the big companies and become a mainstream force in the gaming world, maybe this is just the first of many steps in starting up a successful venture in gaming with a company that has proven experience….

  • Here’s a thought… FB just bought instagram for US$1Billion, for no reason other than to get new eyeballs. Apple buys steam for some peanuts sum (to apple) All those users…. Foot into door into the console world with apple tv, IOS etc. Suddenly the two largest online only software distributers are one entity before XBOX/Win 8 marketplace really gets ramped up.

    Just a thought…

  • Please don’t let Apple get into the gaming business. They don’t understand it (Games Centre wut), piggyback on the talent of independent devs and are way too commercial for it to be a good thing. Plus the last thing I want is pretentious Apple speak getting into what I appreciate as a scrappy, casual hobby.

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