Do Not Share Resident Evil 4 Online In Japan. The Cops Might Get You.

Heck, do not share anything online in Japan. The Hyogo Prefecture cyber police nabbed a 34-year-old man for doing just that.

On January 26, he uploaded an episode of anime Toaru Majutsu no Index II as well as the PC version of Resident Evil 4 via closed source Share software.

The police picked up the man for violating Japanese copyright law. Japanese news notes that the cops found five computers and five hard drives in his apartment.

34歳男性、禁書目録II「武装集団(スキルアウト)」をShareで配信し逮捕 [マイナビ]


    The real crime is the quality of the pc port or RE4.

    Man Leon looks like he has had a hard life between #4 and #6...

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