Don't Invite Batman To Your Birthday Party

And if you must invite Batman to your birthday party, make sure it's the nice one. Not the Christopher Nolan version.

The Dark Knight Birthday [YouTube]


    I'm not too sure what to make of that.

      It could have been worse. They could have hired the Micheal Keaton batman. That would have had the kids crying inside a minute.

      .... I'm crying now just thinking of that travesty.

    All i could htink through that was how horrible that costume was. lol

    That dude from Batman with Jack Nicholson is my favourite Batman. Not the best batman movie, but batman himself is 50x better.

      Your favourite...but you refer to him as "that dude"?
      lol, you mean Michael Keaton.

      but in other news...those manchops!

    I wanted to laugh...
    But it didn't happen!

    Now those are some hot mothers right there.

    I thought it was funny. Maybe if you've got kids it works better. Laughed a few times.

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