Don't Like Any Of The Games In The App Store? Make Your Own!

Canabalt? Pft. Make your own Canabalt, with art and level designs as you see fit. It's not like the web-to-mobile game already has fitting art and great music.

Sketch Nation Studio isn't really a game, per se. It's more like a mini game studio that you can fit in your pocket. It gives you the tools to create very simple mobile games. Skip Apple's gruelling process of getting your game approved. Make some silly levels using this app instead. You can even host your creation as a stand alone game to share a profit with developers Engineous Games Inc.

Designing characters and levels is as easy as choosing from an art gallery, or hand-drawing your own designs in-app. If you're more comfortable with pencil and paper, you can import that drawing into the game by snapping a quick picture of it. Sketch Nation Studio lets you create jumping platformer games like Doodle Jump, flying games similar to Jet Pack Joyride, side running games, and others. If you're feeling like a real professional, you can even opt to tweak more advanced facets of the game in Advanced Mode.

Advanced mode lets you customise special effects on your protagonist, sound effects, add enemies or powerups, and more. It exposes a surprising amount of the game's raw state for you to tinker with and make your own. Take a look below for my first attempt at making a game using Sketch Nation Studio. Allow me to stress that it was my first attempt. So let's all make fun of it.

Sketch Nation Studio [Free, iTunes]


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