Dragon's Dogma Looks Stressful, Includes Fat Rats

Bundled with the Resident Evil 6 demo this May is Dragon's Dogma, a game as brown and green as Skyrim and, Capcom execs surely hope, just as interesting for fantasy game fans.

Well, we can confirm from one of two new gameplay trailers released to day that the game includes large rats. Check that box off.

It also seems to have intense combat with the undead (as seen in this first clip)... and against phantoms and ogres, as seen in this second clip in the gallery above.

One of the hooks for this game is that, even though you play alone, you can recruit computer-controlled pawns and have up to three fight at your side in your very own fellowship. If you play online, you can lend your pawn to other players which will level your pawns up.


    Was interested when it was being sold as something akin to monster hunter, but without live coop (which I am a real sucker for) this will become like skyrim which while there were tonnes of stories going on all of them were kind of stiff thanks to your only interaction being with AI.

    The game looks pretty damn interesting from everything I've seen on it. I don't understand the underlying feeling of cynicism from Kotaku US any ime they post about it. I mean, "It looks stressfull"?? Is that really the best thing they can say about the game from the new trailer?

    I agree with Dan, this is a pretty weak article. Would have preferred a more in-depth analysis of the trailer and perhaps a more detailed comparison against other similar games.

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