'Dropping A Nuclear Bomb On GameStop'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Dropping a nuclear bomb on GameStop." — Leading games industry analysts react to the rumour that the next PlayStation could block used titles, which could prompt GameStop to avoid stocking it.

QUOTE | "Engagement with fans doesn't have to mean letting the lunatics run the asylum." — Rob Fahey, former editor of GamesIndustry.biz, talking about why BioWare and other creators shouldn't let fans pressure them into changing creative decisions.

QUOTE | "I think we're seeing a lot more experimental game design happening now." — Will Wright, legendary game designer, talking about game design and what's coming up next in an exclusive interview.

STAT | 1.6 — Average number of Apple devices in US households, according to a survey by CNBC.

QUOTE | "I think mobile is starting to make its move to take over the world." — Brian Reynolds, Chief Game Designer at Zynga, talking about game design and what the next big thing is for the games industry.

QUOTE | "People thought we were crazy." — Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco, on how the world responded when the mobile game maker made all their games free-to-play.

QUOTE | "Movies, the Cohen brothers, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick... I steal from the best!" — Ken Levine, President of Irrational Games, joking about where he finds his inspiration for designing games.

STAT | 9 per cent — Share of revenue from games using Flash Player's premium features that Adobe is looking for, which is making some developers angry.

QUOTE | "Sony would be taking away consumer choice." — James Brightman, US Editor for GamesIndustry International, talking about Sony's rumoured plan to make it impossible to play used games on the PlayStation 4 'Orbis'.

STAT | 32 per cent — Amount China's online games market grew in 2011 to reach $US6.6 billion, according to a study by Pearl Research.

QUOTE | "There's not going to be an industry." — Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights, talking about how the growth of used game sales could destroy the game industry.

QUOTE | "I don't think retail is going away. But I think retail will evolve." — Sean Spector, co-founder of Gamefly video rentals, talking about how there's still a spot for stores despite the growth of digital distribution.

QUOTE | "Shifting a creative culture is like teaching a company to quit smoking." — Tommy Francois, Ubisoft director of IP development, talking about how tough it is to buy a company and integrate into your creative team.

STAT | 2100 — Number of game retail jobs lost at UK retailer GAME Group after they shut down 277 stores and entered administration.

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    The BioWare article can be summed up to this: "Why is BioWare caving?" Because they want to make money". If they "fix" the ending then they can charge for it. It's just like Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken. They had 12 characters on the disc locked away for "DLC" later. Fans found it and called them out. The reason I compare it to Capcom is because they won't release it for free. It will take man hours away from other DLC + voice acting etc. At the end of the day if people have a bad taste in their mouth about Mass Effect 3/Dragon Age 2/ and Stars Wars the Old Republic then people won't buy them anymore.

    in my personal opinion the endings were terrible and made more answers then actually ending it. I don't think it can be fixed. Especially if I have to pay addition money to get the "real ending" like again with Capcom and Asura Wraith where they are making a DLC ending that is the "real ending" .Also FF13-2 did it as well with it "To be Continued" screen . So that's 60 dollars for the game, 10 dollars for the day 1 DLC, and probably 10 or 15 for the "real ending". Yea, thanks BioWare, but I'm good. I'll just keep my shitty ending and call it a day.

      The endings were terrible. They made more QUESTIONS then answers. Sorry, didn't read over my post. =/

    QUOTE | “There’s not going to be an industry.” — Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights, talking about how the growth of used game sales could destroy the game industry.

    Let us sell our soulbound games to other people, valve/sony/microsoft can take a cut, everybody (except used game retailers) wins.

    "“Engagement with fans doesn’t have to mean letting the lunatics run the asylum.” — Rob Fahey, former editor of GamesIndustry.biz, talking about why BioWare and other creators shouldn’t let fans pressure them into changing creative decisions."

    Wow that guy sounds like a nutcase

    wow i am a sociopath? really? the writer of that article is a complete moron.

    he could at least look up the definition before using that word. Just another prime example of someone voicing their opinion like the other self confessed privileged 'journalists' who think they know why the fan base are mad. get off you high horse and stop writing about things you don't know! stop comparing ME to linear storylines! stop saying we are childish! stop using the irrelevant argument of creative freedom! they don't have any place here so go write about minecraft or something else constructive

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