Dubai Turns Into Hell On Earth In This Spec Ops: The Line Trailer

Mass lynchings. Vultures feasting on unburied soldiers. Lots and lots of sand where it should not be. Things look way past effed up in the new story trailer for 2K Games' military drama.

Watch and you'll see Captain Martin Walker lead his squad through a modern-day paradise destroyed by natural catastrophe and a moral breakdown. If this trailer's any indication of The Line's visuals, it's going to be a gritty, gory game with some gut-wrenching moments. Look for it June 26th.


    Modern-day paradise except for the tens of thousands of slave workers forced to build all those fancy skyscrapers. It'll be a hoot to watch it all burn down, decadent capitalism at its finest...

    This game has potential based on prior previews but the character models are so ugly! WTH.

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