Early Bastion Prototype Looked Very Different

You can see many of the ideas behind what would become indie gem Bastion in its original 2009 prototype, which developer Supergiant Games is showing off at its booth during this weekend's PAX East. But it sure looks different.

Before there were Gasfellas and Windbags, there were random bits of placeholder art from Dungeons & Dragons. And before there was The Kid, there was a robotic stiff man whose legs couldn't move. Man, how things change.


    looked very different my ass, that prototype carried straight over. In what asinine way would you expect the prototype to have proper graphics.

      Yeah, you're right. The gameplay and mechanics look pretty much the exact same, except for the ability to throw blocks.

    Squint a little, play some Darren Korb music in the background and it's totally Bastion. :P

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