EA's Origin Now Allows Banned Players To Access Single Player Content

EA has been known for being a little bit ban happy on Origin, banning players from accessing all content as a result of forum infringements and such like. But now there is some good news for all you naughty children — banned players can now access singleplayer content.

A statement on the 'Help' section on EA's website stated the following...

With every game and service EA offers, we take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously. We discourage cheating and strive to maintain a high level of integrity in both our games and our forums. To this end, we will hide inappropriate content, and we will take action on EA/Origin accounts that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) based on the severity of the offense.

If you find yourself with a disabled account, please note that you can still play EA games in single-player mode. For PC games you will need to enable Origin's offline mode to play games with a disabled account. Go to the settings tab in Origin (the gear icon) and select Go Offline.

This hardly negates some of Origin's other strange policies, but it is a forward step at least.

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    I guess that's the lube on the ass rape

    I gotta say I don't mind Origin, except for where they clearly price gouge on their exclusive releases.. But then again I've never used it's online multiplayer services and haven't used it much otherwise (Steam FTW)
    Is it really that bad?


      It's really that bad.

      It's also terrible to use for multiplayer, constant dropouts, ridiculous lag spikes, etc

      Also, the fact that they could provide the games that they develop at low prices, yet choose to gouge on them is just awful. Origin is half the reason that I haven't bought an EA game since ME2.

        Whoa.. That's appalling. Good thing I don't play Battlefield 3, seeing as Origin will be removed from my PC once I get back home :P
        Which means I'll have to get ME3 on PS3 now. D'oh..

          Yarr Harr FIddle Dee Dee...........

            Hmmm.. whatever would you be suggesting there Lach? :P

    Yeah - I'm not exactly going to give them kudos for "moving in the right direction" for this. They shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.

    You shouldn't ban people from games due to forum violations. Just ban em from the forums.

    This is why EA is the worst company in America.

    If it wasn't for bf 3 steam wouldn't get much hype me thinks

    Does steam still stop you from playing single player if you get in trouble with them?
    That is probably the only bad thing I have encountered (a friend got banned for getting things from the US store) when using steam.

      That's actually committing fraud if they purchase from the US store but live in Aus. Steams policy on cheaters is if caught, you can still play online, just not on VAC secured servers -nd this only applies to valve games per engine. So a CSS cheat could not play TF2 on VAC servers, but could still play CS and HL1DM

        If your Steam Profile gets banned, you loose everything. Steam's offline mode doesn't always work.

        I'm not sure if this ended up being fraud, as he did eventually get his games back. But I'm not sure what the full reason behind the ban was in the first place, just that it involved getting games from the US.

        I know at one stage if you were gifting from the US a lot you could also get in trouble.

    I dont see whats wrong with this?

    If you buy a game i think its bad if a company removed the rights to play the game in its single player mode..

      That's what the problem was, there were instances where some people due to their behaviour on the official EA forums had their accounts banned, including all access to any game they had purchased, they couldn't play offline.

      This is just amending their policy to something that should have been a given in the first place.

    Oh how nice of them. A little, too late.

    I was expecting an unban yourself for 10 dollars DLC

    "ban happy" more a ban fetish. a friend of mine got a week ban by saying "oh, fuck that" on chat.

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