EB Taking 20% Off Microsoft 1500 Point Cards

Microsoft Space Bucks. It's like money, except they come in the form of bucks. Microsoft Space Bucks. You use them to buy games. If someone came up to you on the street and said, 'Hey guy, give me 12 dollars and I'll give you 15'. You'd do it right? I know I would. Well, EB is doing a deal taking 20% off 1500 Microsoft point cards, and with Fez and Trials Evolution out now, I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

The little disclaimer says that it's 'while stocks last' and for a 'limited time only, but it's a good deal if you're thinking about splashing on XBLA.

Thanks Chuloopa!


    "Microsoft Space Bucks" made me chuckle

      EB Games charge 29.95 for 1500 points other retailers like Dick Smith charge 25 dollars so i guess 20 % is just EB Games way of saying for today only we will not overcharge you.

        I discovered today that buying them through your console will cost even more. $33. :|

          Thats for 2000 points though.

          So the EB price of $23 for 1500 is about 1.5c each point.
          Xbox (console) of $33 for 2000 is about 1.6c each point.

          So really no saving either.

      EB Games charge 29.95 for 1500 points other retailers like Dick Smith charge 25 dollars so i guess 20 % is just EB Games way of saying for today only we will not overcharge you.

    that'll make them about a dollar cheaper than what I can get them for at GAME, except GAME's aren't on sale, that's their usual price.

      That's pretty much what I thought. My comment adds nothing new to the discussion, and I'm now just another jerk posting on the internet.

        "I’m (now) just another jerk posting on the internet."
        Man that's gonna be on my headstone! LOL

    Oh great, I wish I knew this before I bought some the other week when I went into Dick Smith to see if they were part of their deal.

    Wait... Aren't me points from EB $5 more than rrp to start with? That means you're only really saving a dollar

      $29.95 has always been RRP for 1500 points

        24.95 actually

          Never mind me below then.

            Confirmed at Swanston St Melbourne - $29.95 down to around $24 with 20% off. So only do this if you don't have a credit card folks!

          Hmm, it's dropped since I used to sell them then (about 12 months ago)

            I've never paid more than $25 for a 1500 pt card - as it is with our exchange rate it should be much less

        I bought 1500 points last night. $16.50 for 1000 + $8.25 for 500 = $24.75 for 1,500 points. 20% off 29.95 = 23.96. You are saving 81 cents.

          Hmm - my posts seem confusing. To be clear - with this sale, EB cards now cost about the same as what it costs buying directly off Xbox Live!

    Fez is out?!
    *Me-shaped cloud of dust where I was just sitting*

    I got the email advertising this and it had examples of what you could buy... like Minecraft for 1,600 points... excuse me, you sell them in batches of 1,500, and you're going to charge 1,600....
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      That was Microsoft's devious plan from the beginning!

    Pointless. Especially since EB cards are marked up by around 20%

    Seriously wish someone would do a sale on a PSN for once, if iTunes cards can be sold "below cost" cant see why PSN cards are different!

    I was annoyed when i read this post title after buying 3000 points last week from dick smith for fez and trials, only to find out EB sell 1500 point cards for $5 more than dick smith, morans

    i just link my paypal account to my fake US profile and buy points via xbox got 4000 points for less then $50, if i had spent that on microsoft bucks here in AU would only get 3000 so bonus 1000 for nothing

    K-Marts' 1500 points are always $25 too.


    cheaper by far.

    Don't forget, EB Games price matches.

    I'm not saying that you can get it for even cheaper, I'm saying that everyday is '19% off 1500 Microsoft Points' at EB Games.

    Screw EB. Don't support those rip-offs

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