Epic Is Working On A Game Just For The PC

Epic Is Working On A Game Just For The PC

Well, here’s something that hasn’t happened for a very long time: Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Tournament and Gears of Wars series, is working on a PC exclusive.

Not a PC port of something else, a game built from the ground up with the PC in mind, and Epic’s “current plans are to keep the game exclusive to the PC platform”.

There’s nothing else to it — names, genres, etc — but the declaration itself. Before you get too excited, remember, when we hear the words “PC exclusive” these days it can just as easily mean a free-to-play game as it does an expansive core title that makes the most of the hardware. Especially when Epic is so hot about getting games running in Flash. So bear that in mind.

Mike Capps: Epic Games has a PC-exclusive game in the works [Joystiq]


  • Isn’t Adobe planning on dropping Flash completely?

    I hope it’s another Unreal Tournament. Now there’s a series that needs to go back to its fast paced roots.

      • There’s some auto filtering going on at the moment, and you’ve probably just accidentally triggered it.

      • Kotaku seems to be having a problem where it moderates comments with the word “n” “a” “m” “e” in it.

        • Ahhh, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a post by him lately. What’s he going to do if he is truly sorry for what he did and wants to make up for all the misguided hatred?

  • oh yes. ps3 and xbox360 owners will be puking blood over this one. (truthteller for president in 3…2…1)

    • Pretty sure they won’t. If they want it they’ll upgrade their computer to get it. This is a pathetic worldview.

    • I predominantly game on the xbox and am really glad to hear Epic are making a PC only game. I’d love to see someone influential push the boundaries of current hardware. I recognise that the xbox was built in 2005.

      Why on Earth would I be against innovation?

  • I get the feeling that Epic will use this as a ‘test case’ to see whether they want to keep developing PC titles in future. Somehow I’m picturing the Epic executives looking at piracy figures for the game and saying “nah, we’re not doing PC anymore from this day forward”.

    • They’ll probably be reminded how bitchy and hard-to-please PC gamers are and just be scared back to consoles.

      • “I really miss all those reasonable console gamers”

        Is this before they all burst into laughter?

        Console gamers are the biggest complainers of all. Waa waa my Skyrim locks up when I go in the water.

        In my day you were lucky if your game didn’t crash during the install!

  • I just wanna say that I hate that samaritan video with a passion! The ugliest shit ive ever seen!

  • Be nice if it were Unreal 3, like a proper sequel to the original Unreal; stuck on an alien world with hostile aliens and gorgeous, massive vistas. Nothing like Unreal 2

  • If Epic truly get behind this and make a proper title then I wouldn’t be surprised to see a game looking like Samaritan running in real time rather than being pre-rendered cutscenes.

  • Well, they’re selling their engine, and if they want devs to pick up their software, they need something that will demonstrate its potential. Despite rumors, there are still no formal announcments regarding a new generation of high-end consoles.

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