Even In Plastic, That's A Big Sword

This summer, Alisa from Namco's monster hunting game God Eater Burst is getting her own figurine. It's not very subtle! And at ¥8,190 (US$101), the 1/7 scale figure is not exactly cheap, either.

God Eater is one of the PSP's most successful titles in Japan. The series is similar to Monster Hunter, but does offer its own twist on hunting monsters with large weapons, like Alisa wields.

Check out pictures of the figure in the above gallery.

ピーエムオフィスエー、「GOD EATER BURST」のアリサを本格フィギュア [Game Watch Impress]


    Very nice. I must try this as soon as I can hack my Vita to get PSP rom emulation.

      Don't bother. The cutscenes are terrible and it's more of a MH Lite than a MH clone. I finished Gods Eater with a friend (still have to do the Burst bonus missions but I really cbf) and it's not great. It's fun for about two hours, then it gets repetetive. Monster Hunter is a lot harder, a lot more rewarding and a lot more fun. And it doesn't bother having a story.

    Well...there goes my wallet ;(

    Nice figure. A shame I have no investment in the series.

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