'Evil Is Back' In The Diablo III TV Spot That's Supposed To Air Tonight

If you don't want to sit through Family Guy just to catch a 30-second advertisement for Diablo III well, you can see it all here. Blizzard just posted the clip this afternoon. Enjoy.



    Why is this important?

      really? people whinge about things that aren't game related here but even things that are game related are copping flak now.

    Zap... possibly because it's a game. And one which I am very much looking forward to playing. I'm sure there's probably one or two others around here in the same boat... and this IS a game-oriented site, so they do occasionally talk about game-related stuff here...

    Obviously important enough to click on the link and comment ey zap? ;) can't wait till the 15th!!!

      Zap just got burneddddd

    I'll throw up a response here, out of sequence, to save post spam.

    I'm not complaining about articles containing gaming and related issues being posted, far from it.

    My initial reaction was based on the seeming granularity of some articles.

    Case in point: Diablo 3 is obviously a much anticipated game, and previous games in the series would have played a large part in the formative years of most modern gamers. It's also a product from Actiblizzard, which are fairly significant for the same reasons and their MMO.

    What I'm somewhat confused about is why a 30-second TV ad that simply shows some standard Diablo minions and a release date is then covered. New information about the game, sure. New commentary from someone related to the game, even better.

    All this seems to be, to me, is an article showing the TV advert that's going to play in America tonight - it's not even a trailer.

    This is why I'm asking "Why is this important?", and also, why do we not have similar articles focused on the other games or devices that have TV ads?

    The closest there is is an article ripping on the PSV release of MK because the model in the advert had underwear that cleft to her buttocks.

    Again, I understand many people are eager for the game's release, but this is a nothing article about nothing. It's pretty much the same as them paying to have their D3 ad plastered all over the site - only without paying.

      Do you genuinely not want video game related material to be posted on this site? Or are you unhappy with the commercial? would you have preferred a very short article stating there is going to be a Diablo commercial during family guy tonight?

      I for one have viewed the commercial 3 times because i haven't seen any of it before, and because I am super pumped for this game.

      Perhaps you would prefer more cosplay of anime characters. Yes that must be it. More cosplay - less games.

        I thought I was pretty clear and straight forward in my post.
        - No, I'm not interested in more cosplay articles.
        - No, I wouldn't prefer an article saying there would be a 30 second advert for a game inside a TV show, no matter what the game was nor the TV show.
        - Yes, I would strongly prefer that there aren't articles every time a game has a TV advert, or someone wears a gaming-related Tshirt on TV or in the audience of Jerry Springer's new show.

        If you find this advert interesting, you may also find this link interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LfRWPeZnqo
        This was the source material for the advert, which is the "Dark Soulstone" trailer shown during BlizConn 2011 (Yup, last year). Being super pumped for the game, I'm deeply surprised you haven't seen it before.

          The whole reason this commercial got reported about is that it has new footage in it (Only a small amount though) go and watch the soulstone cinematic and the watch the trailer, and you will see the new footage.

          This is why the commercial has popped up on the web, because people want to see more of the game/cinematic's (even if it's just a tiny bit more).

          Cant wait for the 15th. :)

            Daniel wins. Yes some of the scenes are from the black soulstone (and other previously seen cinematics) but all the scenes with diablo, the silver arch, and tyrael and imperius are completely new. This ad is to be shown during family guy on FOX in the US, Who knows if/when we would get to come across it on TV. It's very rare for PC games (and video games in general) to get commercials in australia. The last one i remember actually seeing on TV and not youtube would be the live action skyrim ad, and that was last year.

    I think the actual point of the article is to save otherwise sane people from having to watch Family Guy.

    ppl always complain and dunno why the need an ads for!, This is how you sell the product damn asses

    As someone who loved and spent far too much time playing the first 2 games (and was extremely excited when d3 was annoinced), the third has distinctly failed to impress me. 18 months ago I'd have been very surprised to be saying this, but I'll be waiting for a steam sale or something. Given that it's a blizzard game though, that'll probably be a long time coming.

      Steam sale? Never seen a blizzard game on steam. Blizzard host their own games in an online store, but yeah considering this will sell in the millions, you will probably have to wait till an expansion comes along for a discount.

    boo hoo, the free news I get hourly isn't always interesting to me personally

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