Examine And Take Apart This Steampunk Mask From Dishonored

I'm pretty excited to play publisher Bethesda's first-person stealth game, Dishonored. It encompasses a dark theme that appeals to me, as well as a very neat steampunk style that I've always enjoyed in games.

But while we wait for its release later this year, why not play with the mysterious mask worn by the game's protagonist, Corvo? A banner on the official website directs you to it, where you can move the mask around and even take it apart.


    Analysis 1: It's not steampunk.

    Who is the developer? Is it Obsidian? I surely hope so since they're the only dev to be involved in anything with Bethesda that was actually good; New Vegas. If it is in house then this game will suck until/unless they release and SDK and let fans work for free to fix everything Bethesda messed up.

      Developed by Arkane studios. Never heard of them myself.

      But holy shit, if it was Obsidian they'd need another game to work off and steal its engine. That seems to be all they're good at.

      Oh, you're one of THOSE people. Tell me, how is New Vegas superior to Fallout 3, given the full 2 years between them? And how was Skyrim so fatally flawed that it can't actually be called good? What about Oblivion? Arena? Morrowind? Daggerfall? In fact, those games were all fantastic. Those are just the in-house ones. Then there's RAGE (mostly fantastic reviews, great game). Every single in-house Bethesda game has won a GOTY award, including Fallout 3.

      Curiously, Fallout: New Vegas didn't.

      However, I still liked it. It was great. I just preferred some other games. Did you see how I did that? It's possible to like more than one game, you know. It's also possible for studios to improve. It's ALSO possible to be a pretentious douchebag like you; how do you know it will "suck"? If you think Bethesda games suck because they're buggy, then you're a shallow moron. Just as graphics don't make the game, (which you must agree with if you liked NV) technical immaculacy doesn't necessarily make or break a game, and if you disagree then you probably shouldn't be spouting judgement on games.

      To answer your question, it's developed by Arkane Studios, who also did Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

      P.S. Sorry, that's been pent up for a while :/

        Maybe NV was more fun? Maybe it didn't have a billion year long inescapable tutorial to help set a rather dull story. Maybe it's because amongst the Fallout fan community (of which I will readily admit I'm not a part) considered it to be a true Fallout game whilst 3 was considered pretty much everything but. (This part also goes out to Toasty Fresh)

        Oblivion, Morrowind etc? You mean those games that the COMMUNITY OF MODDERS fixed and improved for free? That on their own were horrendous in terms of graphics, quality control, gameplay and everything BUT story? Yeah that's some real quality nailing 1/4 of what it takes to make a game.

        I'm not including Skyrim in that list though because Skyrim was the WORST of the lot. It had all the horrible features of a Bethesda game and lacked the only good feature Bethesda ever gave their games; a good story. It Michael Bay'd the HELL out of it.

        RAGE was a glorified tech demo for CONSOLE tech. Not exactly anything to write home about or be proud of.

        Also spouting GOTY/review stuff is no different to fans of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Justin Bieber or Nikki Minaj. Popularity /= quality.

          I find it hilarious that you claim that most of the Elder Scrolls games were worthless until fans started modding it when pretty much the same thing happened with New Vegas. I couldn't get a solid hour of playtime out of it without a crash until I patched the hell out of the thing. Lets face it, Obsidian's got a horrible track record when it comes to quality assurance, not to mention the mess they made of KOTOR 2's story.

            Actually you are the FIRST person I've heard who had issues with New Vegas. Not doubting there are others out there issues but since it is based on Bethesda's software there are bound to be problems however you seem to misunderstand what I mean when I say "modding". I'm not talking modder bug fixes (Skyrim, Oblivion etc). I'm talking about the mods that make the games worthwhile in terms of improving graphics/ai/gameplay etc. Ya see, I've yet to meet or talk to a person who wasn't a blind Bethesda fanboi (akin to Twihards in terms of fanaticism) that preferred Oblivion, Morrowind etc WITHOUT community (as in made for free) mods over the vanilla versions. Same goes for Fallout 3. Yet New Vegas as it stood, was good enough for most of the Fallout community.

            Plus, I never said Obsidian did well with other companies. I only mentioned their work with Bethesda.

        Vages was better than FO3 simply becose it was closer to the ORIGINAL 3 FALLOUT GAMES. Fallout 3 is, technecly, the 4th game in the series, not the third.

    I like vags too

    Well i guess while everyone b*tches about Fallout and Elder Scrolls, I am going to go out and say that if this game actually turns out to be a good steampunk themed game with a good story and good graphics to boot, I will be purchasing it!

    Steam punk????!!! Steam punk????!!!! it's Neo Victorian!!!

    I love how everything that has influences from 19th century is automatically 'Steampunk'.

    Are you guys serious…. The devs themselves describe the game as (and I quote) "a supernatural assassin in a STEAMPUNK city" so yes it's steampunk. So calm the fuck down with your hipster selfs. Not to mention that most people don't know any other way to describe that art style so no matter what it's gonna be called steampunk.

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