Fake Adventure Game Lands Fan A Double Fine Internship

When German adventure game nut Marius Fietzek applied for an internship at Double Fine studios by, well, making an adventure game, it seemed a cute touch, though a little short on hard selection criteria.

Not to worry! This is Double Fine we're talking about, a studio run by Tim Schafer, who landed a job at Lucasfilm in the 1980s by doing almost exactly the same thing.

So Marius got the gig. And to celebrate, made another little Lucasarts-style animation, this time starring Schafer himself.

Nice work, Marius!

The Applicant II [Marius]


    That's freakin' awesome in a full circle, student becomes the teacher kind of way. Double Fine, I love you...

    Kinda bizarre. Anyone who watched the documentary knows that Double Fine had a game cancelled and they were at risk of having to let a lot of people go. Seems odd to be hiring at this point in time.

      I dunno, I heard Double Fine came into some money recently.

        Do interns get paid?

          I think they get paid a little. Isn't it like apprenticeships?

          I'm pretty sure that interns don't generally get paid.

            They don't, hence the reason they're referred to as 'interns' and not 'apprentices'...

              In Europe paid internships are pretty standard.

      It's definitely an unpaid position.
      I'm pretty sure Marius covers - in part 1 - the fact that he's working two jobs or something at the moment so he will have the money to travel/stay/etc in the U.S for the two month duration of the internship.

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