Famous Anime Characters Will Now Tell You Where To Drive And What To Wear

Ever since its first apperance on TV in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion has been a popular series for anime fans of many nationalities. In anticipation for the upcoming new movie, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (not) Redo, the official Evangelion Store has some new Eva< goods.

Evangelion Car Navigation From the menu screen to the car navigation mound, this car navi is outfitted with Evangelion logos and designs.There are up to six different voices that change depending on the distance you travel, to guide you on the road. Aside from the menu screen, even the map itself is specialised with certain locations changed to fit the Evangelion world. You'll also have a tiny Eva on-screen as icons.

Eva Fashion There is an exhibition called the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 coming up this week, allowing you to take a glimpse of the collaboration between Evangelion and the fashion brand FUGAHAM. Ranging from T-shirts to wallets, each item is each unique.

For more photos on the Evangelion items, click the link below.



    Ugh! Just release the Eva GPS as an app and ill lap it up!

    Very nice. GPS would make a nice app, but then you'd lose the effect.

    Sadly we're never going to see an engish/western release of this product, as usual. Damn you Japan!

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