FarmVille Boss Stalked, Needs Over $1 Million In Security

FarmVille Boss Stalked, Needs Over $1 Million In Security

The worst we normally get from irate psycopaths are angry/entertaining emails. For Zynga boss Mark Pincus, though, things are a lot more serious, to the point where he needs an absurd amount of security to ensure the safety of his family.

Since last year, Pincus claims that he’s been stalked by a stripper, and while there are attempts to settle that particular case in court, other undisclosed threats have caused Zynga to spend around $US1.37 million on security for both Pincus and his family.

While corporations spend big on the safety of their executives all the time, MarketWatch analysts believe this is well above the norm, putting Pincus in the same league as the bosses of companies like Lockheed Martin.

I know people hate Zynga games, and other people act crazy around the super-rich, but man…

Zynga Spent Over $US1 Million to Protect Its CEO [MarketWatch]


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