Fez Devs Say They're Working To Fix Game-Crashing Bugs

After its launch on Friday, "about 20 THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!)" supplied "more testing" than the game had received in the past five years, according to Polytron programmer Renaud Bedard. "So, as it happens, bugs popped up. Some pretty serious."

Among the glitches: complete inoperability on older Xboxes with smaller hard drives; trouble running the game from a USB stick, and crashes in specific levels or situations. "In a rare situation (exiting the game from the "wall village" interiors), the save file becomes unusable," writes Bedard. "Nasty stuff."

Indeed. Bedard wants everyone to know they are working internally and with Microsoft to repair the issues. "It makes sense to issue a patch, but we don't currently have an ETA on it," he says. Meantime, if you have a problem, by all means email the Fez devs. "Lots of these problems have simple workarounds, so we can help you out, and email is easier than tweets," Bedard writes.

Fez Issues? [Polytron]


    Geez, that main Fez guy talked big, but 5 years for this all these bugs? Wow.

      I hadn't heard of a single bug until I read this article. It sounds like something happening for a minority of users.

      And the game is brilliant.

      You do realise that it was 2 guys who made Fez over that 5 year period, don't you? Ahh, of COURSE you do! I see what you did there... *sigh*

      Fez is awesome.

    Game is AMAZING. And New Game + adds something so unexpected and excellent it made me laugh out loud last night.

    See, this is what happens when you rush to market.

      Yeah, I rushed to the markets once. Turns out I had my pants on backwards. If only I had taken the time to look in the mirror... *sigh*

        But Lambo, sometimes you've gotta rush to the market otherwise all the mangos might already be gone.
        more mango is totally worth backwards pants.

          Unless you're buying the mango for front-of-pants augmentation, in which case you're just going to get a rude shock when you go for the installation.

            Seems to me you're referring to the great Mango-Banana incident of '11...

              who would've thought a mango mix-up would result in so many needless deaths.
              may they all rest in peace.

    Amusingly my xbox crashed during the deliberate glitchy bit of the intro :P Great game tho, definitely love it.

    I don't know about bugs, but I've been having a tonne of frame rate problems every time it transitions between worlds. Which is not really a big problem, but pretty surprising, considering how old school/low tech the game looks.

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