FIFA Striker Sexually Assaulted By Goalkeeper, Dusts Himself Off And Tries Again

It's not the first time we've seen FIFA 12's misfiring physics engine go bananas, and it probably won't be the last. But for now, this is easily my favourite example of how something so busted can also be something so beautiful.

Unbelievable FIFA 12 goal! [YouTube, via Reddit]


    Not to join the Luke hate bandwagon, but trust him to make a headline like this.

      The title wasn't what bothered me, it was the title COUPLED with this line: "so beautiful."

      Yeah, sexual assault is not a work of art, Luke.

        I read this before and laughed and was like aww yeah decent linking their Luke.

        ... But now that I read your comment, then re read the article... I do have one area of concern.

        Obviously it wasn't actually sexual assault, and he wasn't calling sexual assault beautiful

          Yeah, and it was a funny video, I'm just saying it wasn't the right headline to use, especially considering that line :P

      Anyone else writes this and we would all think they're hilarious. Get off his back!

    Funny as f#%+! Love your work mate

    I've seen similar scenes more then once

    hehe, that was funny.
    Dudes, lay off or piss off. Trolls are lame.

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