Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Cracks Joke About Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Here's Gilgamesh, the newest piece of downloadable content for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2. You might recognise Gilgamesh from his appearances in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VIII, among other games in the longrunning RPG series. You might also recognise his ridiculous, fourth-wall-breaking sense of humour.

Gilgamesh is out now for 320 Microsoft Points. Buy him and he'll pop up as an opponent in the game's coliseum.


    Finally Gilgamesh. I've been looking forward to this one :D

    My favourite character has always been Gilgamesh. Now I'm tempted to actually buy the game.

    No mention of PuPu? Sir, I am disappoint.

    Is he fighting a chicken?

      It's a chocobo :P

      He's also fighting an octopus. The lecherous Ultros.

    Maybe we could even get sometime Sephiroth!!!! *O*

    I don't have the game but I'm going to download this DLC anyway.
    Because Gilgamesh.

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