First Black Ops 2 'Screenshots' Leak Via Special Effects Company

Some images, reportedly originating from the website of Hollywood special effects company Reel EFX (but since pulled), look like they could be our first look at the next Call of Duty game. Or at least some parts of it.

For a while now, Activision has been teasing the game with shots of a gun-toting "quadcopter", both in internet videos and on the game's website. Well, these images- - which look like screenshots printed out and pinned up on a board — also star a quadcopter.

There's not much more to the shots, but they look almost certain to be in-game (or at least in-engine) shots, supplied by Activision for reference.

According to the video in the gallery, Reel EFX built and supplied the model used in FPS Russia's earlier video.

All Effects Images [Reel EFX, via MP1st]


    Seriously -.- another CoD game how do they still get the funding to release these bullshit games twice a year

      Isnt CoD an annual release?

        I found the statement "How do they get the funding" to be hilarious.

          Those maps look too big for it to be a Call of Duty game.

    Because people continue buying them. WE cause this to happen by supporting it with our wallets

      Also, CoD articles are always popular. Lots of views, lots of comments. It indicates a very strong interest in the series.

        Yeah, people claim they hate the series and are sick and tired of it yet they seem to click on every article there is about it, then take the effort to comment on it as well.

          They proclaim their hatred for the series every time they buy the latest release, swearing they'll never buy another and what do they do when the new one comes it. Dickheads. Stop. Buying. The. Games.

        I wouldn't call it interest considering that generally about 50% of the comments about it are negatively viewing it.

        Call of Duty is a big franchise and it shapes games, unfortunately. Whatever way CoD goes, most FPS games will head that direction as well, because the retarded masses love CoD, meaning it sells well and then every other FPS out there will then cater to the retarded masses as well. If you've played an FPS in the last five years or so that wasn't Halo, chances are CoD has affected your gaming experience in some way. It's natural that people get so angry about it.

        These articles aren't popular in the positive sense. Just because there's loads of comments and views doesn't mean that people love it to bits.

          Id say 25% of the comments are negative about cod and cod players. Then another 25% are from cod players saying that your gross generalisation makes you the retard.

          The implication that cod players only play cod, and dont play any other games is the number 1 thing that pisses me off beyond belief. Yes there are a lot of people out there who ONLY play cod. But is that any different to all the people out there who buy DS' just to play pokemon. They have found somethign they like, and cling to it.

            "Id say 25% of the comments are negative about cod and cod players. Then another 25% are from cod players saying that your gross generalisation makes you the retard."

            1. Where's the other 50%?
            2. How is being negative a "gross generalisation"?

            Stop being so hostile, and actually respond to my post logically and respond to my perfectly valid arguments (hell, even better, prove that my arguments are invalid), or go away.

              The other 50% is general discussion.

              Your Gross generalisation is the assumption that its the "Retarded masses" fuelling its popularity. You assume that other gamers who do like the things you like, dont play cod. Dont buy cod, and dont enjoy cod.

              ", because the retarded masses love CoD" is the start of hostilities. I just enjoy retaliating.

              My point is simply that if you dont like cod, the best thing you can do is give it less hits on the Internet. Do your bit in not buying it, and leave it at that. You have heard the phrase any publicity is good publicity, and im sure activision use that mentality a lot.

                No, not entering discussions on the internet about CoD is not "doing my bit". Not buying the stupid games is, and I certainly don't do that. Maybe I borrow it off a friend, play it for a weekend and give it back, and then tell them how much I didn't like it. No, negative comments on this site do not increase publicity for Activision and you are foolish in thinking so. How can it possibly equate to profit for Activision? Me saying that CoD is an awful game (Hell I might as well add in that, yes, it is an awful game, CoD sucks and you should never buy it, because that's further dissuading anyone reading this comment thinking that they want to play CoD, and thus proving my point) does the exact opposite of give Activision good publicity. The only way it can turn into a benefit for Activision is if a CoD player so hellbent on hating on the haters such as yourself gets even more worked up and decides to go and play the game (and if they're such big fans of the series then they were probably about to go and do so anyway).

                And no, my retarded masses statement is not a generalisation, however I can definitely see how you think it is. Look, it's plainly obvious that people who have never really played games in their childhood like most of us here on Kotaku have are now playing CoD. Hell, you've even got meatheads from sports games now playing CoD. The popularity of it is such that a large part of the playerbase is made up of people who never played the Goldeneyes or Super Mario 64s or whatnot. That's not really a generalisation, it's a very educated guess, from my personal experiences in CoD and the gaming community in general.

                "You assume that other gamers who do like the things you like, dont play cod."

                I don't even see how this is relevant or why I supposedly assume this.

                And you can retaliate all you want but if you can, try doing it without sounding like an aggressive troll.

          See? Interest! Popular! Make another one!

            Read my post above yours, that is, if you're not kidding :P

              I am being sort of ironic but shhhh (and stop commenting if you don't like it because you're convincing no one and you really are driving up traffic and post count).

                If I'm not convincing people clearly are either not reading my posts or not giving them any consideration (most likely the latter). Either way not commenting would be contradicting my views on the matter, which I have discussed many times on this page.

    You're all just totes jelly about the amount of money I'm going to make off this. Who's going to be buried in supermodel poon and mountains of coke? This guy! Who's going to be sad and alone at their parens home, jacking it into a pancake while crying about CoD? You guys.

      Implying that you aren't a mouth-breathing, basement dwelling neck bearded virgin with down syndrome.

        shinu baka!

    oh boy cant wait i love cod

      i can wait they keep bringing them out like every year they need to calm down a bit with it maybe have atleast 2 years so people can get hyped up about it but because they keep bringing it out every year everyone is bound to get sick of it and stop buying them unless every year they try to make it more intresting and try to get us hyped..but personally Im one of the people getting sick of it due to them releasing new ones every year...

        Unless casual gamers get sick of it too its still going to sell well. Can't imagine Acti turning up to an investors meeting and explaining that they are going to shelve their cash cow for a year. Lets hope this one has some fresh innovations.

          That is not going to happen. Remember the guitar hero series? They ran that into the ground and they are going to do the same with CoD.

        yeah i love them so much but they need to calm down build some hype like they used to before they merged the main series and spinoff together maybe i big mp update every year but the sp is slowing getting worse like mw 3 did get going till bout half way

    FPS Russia also used the same special effects company to Promote the new COD last Monday.

    As a COD fan. a) Screw you haters b) could it be possible that Activision are actually ADDING things to their game??!?!
    After the lack of innovation in MW3 i vowed to at least attempted to resist black ops 2 unless it has something worth while and new in it. Still keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

      I find it funny that people like you see what is happening with the series (read MW3 and the lack of change) and still hold out hope for the next game being any different. Protip: it is going to be the same game but with a few more kill streaks and different guns.

      You might also want to come out of the gate with a better argument than 'screw you'. It makes you come across as childish

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hope for a series i have enjoyed. I may be disappointed with MW3 but this doesn't mean i have not enjoyed it. I have had many hours of fun with every call of duty game.

        I also stated that should there be no great change i am not going to avoid buying it. So long as the number of available games on Mw3 makes it still playable, i'll happily stick with that.

        As for my "argument" against the haters, its not an argument. Its about the only statement cod haters will pay any attention to while self gratifying themselves with the idea they are better than cod fans because they hate cod.

    Imagine this, when Call of Duty dies, the millions of supposed gamers that play it will move on to games that deserve more players.

    In '09 when I used to play GoW2 the community was great and tonnes of people would have private sniper only games that'd go on for hours and was really fun but then came MW2 and stole everyone away.

    It's clear Call Of Duty is dying out, a dozen or so of my friends have quit playing it and that's just showing that it's dying. Now, you're all going to be saying that all the little children are going to start playing our games, truth be told it isn't that bad. I just mute them all but I can't wait till Call of Duty dies and people come back to Gears 3 so it's no longer a few dozen playing it overall but a few thousand hopefully. Because of Call of Duty which's supposed to be the on line juggernaut all other games I play have really little population because everyone's playing Call of Duty. It really is a burden on this industry.


      I will be the first to admit, call of duty eats into the time i spend on other games. But there are just a lot of games some people dont like. I have a ton of friends who love campaign modes on halo or gears, but really dont like the MP style.

      When (not if) Call of duty dies, i dont think you'll see the big boost you expect. Will you have more players, yes. Will ALL of the cod community move back to other games. Probably not. You'll see the another game take its place without a doubt. some one else will make THAT GAME that is the buzz word amongst the kids, and the cycle will repeat.

    I find the games fun to play and will likely play this. Crucify me if you will.

    Interestingly I played MW1/MW2 for the multiplayer, but the last couple I've found the single player and zombies/spec ops modes to be more fun than the multi.

    Gaming forum trolls dont like COD because its popular with the people that used to pick on them in high school. The idea that the popular kids from their childhood could enjoy a video game and help make it an industry leader in sales drives them insane. So they proclaim that they are not 'true' gamers and go back to patting themselves on the back. It comes down to ownership. Games are no longer only the domain of the hardcore non sporty type, everyone plays now. Get used to it.

    in the grand scheme of things,

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