First Guild Wars 2 Public Beta Weekend Starts April 27

Players that have preorder Guild Wars 2 for guaranteed access to the beta will be able to take advantage of said benefit April 27 through April 29, when ArenaNet hosts the first of many weekend events. Huzzah!




    can't wait to play this, so i can stop playing that "other" unbalance mmo (yes that crap game)

    Will the dates be the same for us in Aus? In reference to the time difference? Or will it commence on the 28th here so it's all the same?

    You're kidding. That's the weekend I have to do some darn intern training. Dammit.


    Why do I have to be on holidays in Thailand when this goes live.

    First World Problems :(

    Fark! It's weird to think it's getting so close. It's been, what, five years since it was announced? I will literally kill if something comes between me and that weekend beta.

    hmm lets see study for a test which i'm dangerously close to failing or beta weekend... decisions decisions

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